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Fake Doctor Arrested by Peruvian National Police: Expired Medicines and Fake Identity Exposed

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Fake Doctor Arrested by Peruvian National Police: Expired Medicines and Fake Identity Exposed

Title: Fake Doctor Arrested by Peruvian National Police for Impersonation and Dangerous Medication Supply

Subtitle: Fraudulent “Doctor” Exploited Patients, Supplied Expired Medicines, and Used Stolen Identity

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A shocking case of medical fraud came to light as a suspected fake doctor was apprehended by the Peruvian National Police (PNP) after an investigation by the ATV News unit. It was revealed that the imposter not only posed as a qualified doctor but also supplied expired medicines to unsuspecting patients.

According to the report, the investigation uncovered that the fraudster had been using the professional title of another doctor, attempting to deceive both patients and authorities. This was not the first instance of impersonation by the individual, raising concerns about the ease with which he evaded detection.

Upon confirming that the suspect was practicing medicine without any legitimate qualifications and distributing medication without responsibility, the PNP raided the house of a diabetic patient. It was discovered that the serum she had been using, claiming to contain a “miracle medicine,” was nothing more than water.

Startled by the unexpected police presence, the imposter, identified as Arturo Tapia Cruz, confessed to his deception. Shockingly, further investigation revealed that the fake doctor had previously worked under a false identity at the Guillermo Díaz de la Vega hospital in Apurímac, occupying the position of deputy director.

Equally disturbing was the imposter’s use of another doctor’s name, Eduardo Tapia Bracamontes, who retired many years ago and currently resides in Europe. The PNP announced that a criminal and judicial process has been initiated against the imposter.

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The extent of the fraudulent doctor’s deception became apparent as one of his patients, who suffered from diabetes, shared the exorbitant fees he charged for treatment. The victim paid 1,600 soles for various medications to control glucose levels and an additional 360 soles for laboratory tests, later discovered to be adulterated.

During the arrest, law enforcement officers found counterfeit titles, cards, and falsified registration documents from the medical college of Peru in the fake doctor’s possession. Moreover, expired state-prohibited medications were also seized.

The imposter, Guillermo Díaz de la Vega, will face multiple charges, including crimes against public health and identity theft.

As the investigation continues, the PNP advises the public to exercise caution in verifying the authenticity of medical practitioners and the origin of prescribed medications. To determine whether a doctor is authorized to practice, individuals can follow simple steps provided by the PNP, including checking the official website of the Medical College of Peru (CMP) and cross-referencing the doctor’s registration code or name.

The arrest of this fake doctor serves as a reminder for individuals to remain vigilant and prioritize their safety and well-being when seeking medical assistance. Authorities urge everyone to be proactive in verifying the credentials of healthcare professionals to ensure they receive appropriate and trustworthy treatment.

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