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Fake vaccines to Camila Giorgi and Madame, the doctor confirms the case of the fake Green passes

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Fake vaccines to Camila Giorgi and Madame, the doctor confirms the case of the fake Green passes

Doctor from Vicenza Daniela Grillone Tecioiu spoke for two and a half hours yesterday, during the probative incident that took place in the Court of Vicenza and related to the fake vaccination scandal to obtain the Green pass. The unrepeatable act – the local newspapers report – had been requested by prosecutor Gianni Pipeschi for crystallize what emerged during the interrogations that have taken place in recent months.

The doctor answered the prosecutor’s questions by clarifying various aspects of the investigation conducted by the Berica Flying Squad and also confirming his statements about two of the main suspects, the tennis player from the Marches Camila Giorgi and the singer from Creazzo (Vicenza) Francesca Calearo, in art Madame. None of the lawyers defending the 24 suspects made statements as they left the courtroom.

Madame remains in the race in Sanremo. Amadeus: «There is an investigation. As long as he’s not guilty he’s innocent.” Also confirmed for New Year’s Eve in Rome

HISTORY – Camila Giorgi? She was my patient. Together with his father Sergio, his mother Claudia and his brothers Amadeus and Leandro. Francesca Calearo, aka Madame? Never seen before.” So Dr. Daniela Grillone Tecioiu. But the answer to Madame must be interpreted: from the USL 8 Venetian database Calearo is vaccinated on November 10, 2021. The singer herself made a public apology a few days ago on social media. To then cancel everything when she probably realized that those statements could be used by the prosecution against her. And when by now her memes had overwhelmed her.

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Madame and Camila Giorgi investigated: fake anti-Covid vaccinations to get the Green pass. The accusation is of false ideology

However, the singer does not risk being excluded from the Sanremo Festival. The conductor Amadeus has already clarified that the regulation does not allow expulsion. But the artist will still go to trial. Because the post of a few days ago the prosecutor considers it a confession. The case of the tennis player is different. Repubblica writes today that the doctor said that all members of the Giorgi family had been patients of her studio for some time. “Camila suffered from the so-called tennis elbow”, and for this reason she met the Giorgis thanks to a Fit physiotherapist. The blue tennis player would have turned to the doctor from Vicenza during the summer of 2021. After she had been asked for vaccination certificates to be able to move around the world. But at that time only Astrazeneca doses were available in the doctor’s office, not recommended for young subjects. “For this reason we have scheduled the appointments for the autumn,” the doctor reiterated.

Instead, there are two administrations against Giorgi. On one of the previous days she was playing the Indian Wells Masters in California. “I confirm that none of the Giorgi family’s vaccines have actually been administered,” Grillone said in court. Reaffirming that I have not received any compensation.

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