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Fall Guys Jelly Beans is now free to play on Switch / Xbox version, and cross-platform synchronous teaching is launched

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Fall Guys Jelly Beans is now free to play on Switch / Xbox version, and cross-platform synchronous teaching is launched

Fall Guys jelly beans turn free Switch / Xbox version to launch cross-platform account application teaching | It ushered in a boom when it was first launched, but the popularity of the alternative competition game “Fall Guys” has cooled down quickly, and recently officially changed to free to play , and the Xbox, Switch and PS5 versions were launched simultaneously, and when it became free, it brought a wave of backfires.

Become free but the PC version becomes an Epic limited account, items can be inherited

“Fall Guys” can be said to be a battle royale version of a joyful mini-game. Up to 60 players compete on the same field. Players can challenge one person or play in a team of up to 4 people. Each game will consist of several levels, each level will eliminate a certain number of players, and the content of the level may be an obstacle course, survival game or team battle, etc.; survive until the last to win the championship or the last one is not eliminated. The player is the winner.

At present, players can download this game for free on Switch, PS4, PS5, XBOX and PC, but it should be noted that the PC version has now become an Epic Games Store exclusive. If new players want to play on PC, they can only use Epic Games Store. .

The Epic Games Store probably wants to use this opportunity to attract a new wave of customers.

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Watch Fall Guys Jelly Beans for free today on Switch / Xbox version and launch cross-platform synchronous teaching👇👇

If you already own the Steam or PS version of “Fall Guys”, you can continue to play with your original account on Steam after the revision; players who already owned the game and played it at least once on June 21 can get “Legacy” after the game revision The “Legacy Pack” is a thank-you gift, which includes several skins and a free season pass for the revamped Season 1.

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The game supports cross-platform play (Cross Platfrom) and cross-platform shared progress (Cross Progression). As long as players apply for and log in to an Epic Games account, and then connect to other platforms in the settings, they can synchronize progress across platforms and play as a team.

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For example, if a player already has the Steam version of the game, but wants to play it on another platform such as PS or Switch; then download the free version of “Fall Guys” for PS or Switch first, then apply for an Epic Games account, and transfer the PS, Switch and the original game. The Steam version accounts are all linked. Finally, open the “Fall Guys” game on PS or Switch, log in to the Epic Games account, and the game progress can be synchronized with the original Steam version, whichever platform you want to play on, and which platform you want to play with your friends is ok.

Cross-platform team play is a good feature

However, according to foreign media reports, the performance of the Switch version of “Fall Guys” is really average, the output is 1080p/30fps in TV mode, and only 720p/30fps in portable mode; although the Switch has the advantage of being able to play on the street, it is an action after all. For battle games, when the FPS is insufficient, it may feel worse when playing.

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