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Federico Rossi reveals his relationship with Benjamin Mascolo today

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Federico Rossi reveals his relationship with Benjamin Mascolo today

The relationship today between Federico Rossi and Benjamin Mascolo

They were very united Federico Rossi e Benjamin Mascolowho from 2010 to 2021 were part of the musical duo Benji and Faith. Yet something went wrong and they drifted apart.

February 17, 2020 Federico Rossi and his colleague Benjamin Mascolo have announced their separation to their audience. Intending to take a solo artistic path, their paths diverged. Their last concert should have been staged on May 3 of the same year, but due to the pandemic it was moved to July 11 and 12, 2021. Then the final farewell.

A Cosmopolitan after some time Federico Rossi he returned to the subject explaining that he has no second thoughts or regrets. Then he explained how things went from his point of view:

«The decision was not mine, now I can say it. I was in the studio. One day Benji arrives and tells me that he can no longer stay within this relationship ». Federico Rossi explained that his friend could not continue for reasons of him. So he became aware and tried to accept the choice: «I usually convert what can be a boulder into an outlet valve that can be sublimated into something beautiful».

So he accepted and told himself that he could give vent to what he really is and thus start another conception of his personal life. Federico Rossi he explained that he never suffered from it. According to him, if it happened it means that there was a breaking point that could not have been healed, as happened up to that moment. So he went his way.

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Just recently Benji wanted to create in collaboration with i Finley a version of Where and whena piece that in 2019 led to success with Federico Rossi. But what does the latter think? He has had the opportunity to hear back Benjamin Mascolo? The answer was quite specific:

“I have decided not to comment on what happened or anything, because I go my way, he goes his, everyone makes their own choices in life”.

Web users and fans have therefore thought that the two are no longer friends by now. Will it really be like this?

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