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fell ill in front of friends and died at the age of 19

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fell ill in front of friends and died at the age of 19

Ferrara, 14 August 2023 – It must have been a summer evening like many others, to be spent among friends and carefree. But for a 19 year old boy, that Saturday evening in August suddenly took on the gloomy hues of tragedy. The young man lost his life after being seized by a sudden illness that left him no way out, despite the promptness of the rescue. It all happened shortly after midnight yesterday. The young man was with some friends when he began to feel ill, collapsing on the asphalt. The emergency services were immediately alerted. Once in via Bologna, the medical emergency operators immediately realized that the boy’s conditions were very serious. After the first maneuvers of resuscitation, the 19-year-old was transported by ambulance to the Cona hospital, where, however, the painting crashed. About half an hour after arriving, his heart stopped beating.

All investigations into the case by state police investigators are now underway. The first question to answer, is why that heart so young suddenly stopped.

The investigators will have to understand first of all if he suffered from previous pathologies or if there are other causes at the origin of the death. Neither is it excluded – but we are still in the field of hypotheses to be verified – the assumption of narcotic substances. In short, at the moment we are faced with a mystery and the investigators are proceeding with lead feet. No track is excluded. To shed light on the still obscure points of this terrible story will be the medico-legal checks which could probably be ordered by the prosecutor already in the next few hours.

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