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Few drink it but this is the best water to fight high blood sugar and diabetes

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Drinking a lot is one of the main rules for a long and peaceful life as well as a balanced diet and an active lifestyle. In fact, water is an essential element for the body, it purifies and eliminates toxins, is good for the skin, regulates blood pressure and helps metabolism. An adult man should drink about 2.5 liters per day, while a woman about 2 liters. Obviously, these doses can increase in particular situations, for example with particularly hot climatic temperatures or intense sports activities.

In recent times there are many types of water on the market with the addition of mineral salts, which can bring significant benefits. Today the consultants of PreoiezionidiBorsa will illustrate the incredible effects that a particular type of water can bring to health. In fact, few still drink it but this is the best water to fight high blood sugar and diabetes. This is hydrogen water, known abroad but which is also gaining ground in Italy. However, many people drink little or replace water with sugary drinks, which are not really beneficial, especially for those with blood sugar problems. In these cases, it is better to replace sweet supermarket drinks with homemade smoothies.

Few drink it but this is the best water to fight high blood sugar and diabetes

In the summer, drinking is especially important for people with diabetes. In fact, they should drink regularly and try to drink especially in summer to avoid dehydration. Therefore, this hydrogen water in addition to satisfying hydration levels, according to various studies, would appear to have significant antioxidant effects. In particular, hydrogen water is obtained through an electrolysis process, making the water more hydrogen concentrated, but with the same taste.

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A study has shown that hydrogen water improves glucose and lipid metabolism in diabetic subjects, or those with low glucose tolerance. In particular, 900 ml of hydrogen water per day were administered on one part of diabetic patients, while on the other part 900 ml of pure water. The results showed that the intake of hydrogen water led to significant decreases in bad cholesterol, free fatty acids, as well as an increase in adinopectin levels. The latter helps insulin activate and reduce blood sugar. Furthermore, in patients poorly tolerant to glucose it resulted in a normalization of the tolerance test. In short, hydrogen water can be an excellent ally both to fight and to prevent diabetes.


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