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Few people know that these 3 symptoms could be the antechamber of a liver tumor

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Liver cancer is one of the rarest diseases and, at the same time, the most aggressive and difficult to treat.
It is called “primitive” if it develops directly inside the liver; “Secondary”, if it results from the spread of a tumor that has developed in another organ.

Although the world averages are really frightening, in Italy the incidence is not so high.
Approximately 9,000 primary liver cancers are diagnosed in men and 4,000 in women each year.

However, perhaps the most disheartening aspect is that no symptoms appear in the early stages of the disease.
Hence, it is a very difficult tumor to diagnose early. In any case, those who are 50 years old must carry out these 3 life-saving preventive visits.

Despite this, few people know that these 3 symptoms could be the antechamber of a liver tumor

Among the most particular symptoms of this disease there could be a continuous and persistent one itch to the skin. Also accompanied by epidermal dryness, this symptom, as evidenced by some scientific studies, appears when the liver is already suffering.
In fact, the organ is no longer able to support the accumulation of bile acids and tries to excrete them somehow, even through the skin.

Another symptom is the appearance of bruises, which in most cases is a trivial symptom for which there is no need to worry. Sometimes, however, it can happen that these are associated with other diseases, such as liver cirrhosis or, in fact, liver cancer.
Put simply, when the liver fails, fewer platelets are produced and this does not guarantee normal blood clotting. Sometimes, it can even appear bleeding uncontrolled.

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These two symptoms, as it is easy to notice, are not unique to the liver tumor disorder, but may indicate something else as well.
The last symptom of our brief analysis, on the other hand, could indicate a malaise that should not be underestimated.

We are talking about the yellow stools, or yellow diarrhea.
We have already seen that sometimes it would be enough to check the color of the feces to recognize one’s health.
In this case, the faeces of this color indicate the presence of difficulty in digestion and an excessive presence of fat. However, if the situation continues for several days, the problem could also affect the liver.


So, we have seen that very few people know that these 3 symptoms could be the antechamber of liver cancer. Furthermore, next to this organ, there is the gallbladder, which is also subject to various pathologies such as stones. In this sense, we recommend reading these 3 simple remedies to avoid the formation of gallbladder stones.

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