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“FFVII THE FIRST SOLDIER” will be released simultaneously worldwide. Season 1 “Shinra’s Leap Forward” and “Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier”

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The smartphone battle royale game “FINAL FANTASY VII THE FIRST SOLDIER” jointly developed by Ateam Entertainment Inc. and Square Enix Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of Ateam Group, with the goal of the global market, will be open to global players today (17) (Note: Except for China). In line with the official launch of the game, the first season of “Shinra’s Leap Forward” also kicked off, and the appearances of characters such as “Crowder” and “Tifa” will appear simultaneously.

“FINAL FANTASY” × Battle Royale gameplay, synchronized globally

“FINAL FANTASY VII THE FIRST SOLDIER” is a battle royale game with the world view of “FINAL FANTASY VII” as the background. In the game, players will fight against multiple players as alternate soldiers and try to survive to the end. Officials pointed out that the game stage is set in Midgar before “FINAL FANTASY VII”. The game map incorporates scenes familiar to FINAL FANTASY VII players such as the slums, churches, and Gurügenwei mansion in the fifth district. In addition to the enemy’s alternate soldiers, monsters that appear outside the town will also become a threat to the player. The game combines the diversified tactics of guns, swords and magic combinations, as well as an upgrade system that accumulates experience points to defeat monsters to increase the level, hoping to bring players a rich game experience beyond the limitations of the battle royale type.

The game has been officially opened for global players (except in China) today. In order to cope with the official launch of the game, the official website has been completely refurbished at the same time.

“FFVII” players familiar area

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    [Seventh Heaven]There will be a higher chance of getting a certain item in the bar on the first floor

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    [Church]The roofs that I have walked with Alice are free to visit in this game

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    [Guryu Neo Mansion]Whether it’s inside the building or on the roof, you can explore the areas that were previously unexplorable in “FFVII REMAKE” in this game.

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    [Bee House]A good place to try various emotional actions with friends

Qualifying starts

Officials pointed out that the “Qualifying Tournament” has officially started. In the qualifying match, the player’s ranking will change based on the result of the match. At the end of the season, you will receive limited rewards such as titles based on the final ranking.

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to introduce a job

Officials pointed out that in the game, warriors are good at close-range attacks, magicians have the skills to strengthen magic attacks, the recovery and survivability of the monks are amazing, the rangers are good at detecting the enemy with their skills, and the ninjas have excellent secrecy and mobility. Players can choose their favorite profession from a variety of professions to participate in the battle.

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The first season of “Shinra’s Leap Forward” opens!

According to the official, the first season of “Shinra’s Leap Forward” kicked off simultaneously. The battle arena this season is the magic city built by the Shinra Corporation-“Midgar”.

  • Season period: until February 28, 2022

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In conjunction with the launch of the game, the official launch of the “Crowder”, “Tifa” and “Guardian” combo packs, as well as the “Season Membership Card”. Players who unlock the season membership card can get the appearances of “Lufas (FF7R)”, “Guardian Giant Scorpion”, “Military Long Jacket” and “Nameless”.

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The pre-login exceeded 2 million people! Luxury rewards will be issued!

The operation team announced that the number of logins in the game has exceeded 2 million, and the following rewards will be presented to all players in the form of login rewards.

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  • Day 1 Chocobo Egg

  • The appearance of “Shinra Mask” on Day 2

  • The appearance of “Motorcycle Shinra” on day 3

  • The appearance of “Car Shinra” on the 4th day

  • The appearance of “Helicopter Shinra” on day 5

Announce the opening video

The official opening video was released simultaneously, describing that about 30 years before the era of “FINAL FANTASY VII”, Shinra Corporation launched a project called “Warrior Project Project 0” in order to cultivate elite soldiers. Alternate soldiers from all over the world have devoted themselves to rigorous training with the goal of becoming top fighters. However, after many sacrifices, they were still unable to create the ideal soldier——



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