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Fiagop, increase pediatric oncology centers – Healthcare

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Fiagop, increase pediatric oncology centers – Healthcare

“Large areas in Italy lack centers for the treatment of pediatric tumors: a good functioning of the National Rare Cancer Network could certainly reduce the phenomenon of healthcare migration, although it is still necessary, in the future, for there to be a greater number of centers able to treat pediatric oncology patients, especially in areas that currently lack it.” This is what Paolo Viti, president of the Italian Federation of pediatric oncohematology parents and recovered patients’ associations (Fiagop), declared at the end of the week of initiatives for the World Day against Pediatric Cancer. In Italy there are approximately 1,500 children who receive a diagnosis of oncological disease every year, in addition to approximately 900 adolescents. “We ask for the creation of the National Rare Cancer Network – underlined Viti – with particular attention to the pediatric network, to respond to the needs of young patients, creating widespread access throughout the territory accredited by the regions. It is also necessary to strengthen and structure inter-collaborations -institutional, support scientific research and optimize the regions’ investments also through telemedicine, as a means of containing healthcare migration. Finally, we ask for the creation of palliative care facilities, the activation of surveillance projects for patients recovered from pediatric cancer and the implementation of hospital and community pediatrics”.

For World Pediatric Cancer Day, Fiagop has organized two initiatives. The first is “Let’s give roots to hope, let’s plant pomegranates”, with the planting of dozens of small plants of this fruit shrub, as a symbol of life and solidarity, in public parks, hospital gardens and schools. The second is called “I want you a bag of good”, which had the aim of promoting the donation of blood and platelets at the transfusion centers of hospitals in various Italian cities, thanks to the service of hundreds of volunteers. The leukemic child, like the one being treated for a tumor, as Fiagop recalls, is in fact at risk of infections due to the reduction of white blood cells, but above all of hemorrhages due to the lowering of platelets and severe anemia: transfusions of blood, which must therefore always be available.

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