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Fiat Panda, the beloved 4×4 returns in a special edition: Italians already in love, it’s a rare jewel

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Fiat Panda, the beloved 4×4 returns in a special edition: Italians already in love, it’s a rare jewel

The beloved FIAT Panda 4×4 is ready to return in a new special edition. Fans have already gone crazy

When it comes to cars that have made history, few can keep up with the FIAT Panda. The legendary small car from the Turin-based company has been in production since 1980 and since then, despite the various versions produced and despite market changes, it has continued to be the car most loved by Italians. Panda, FIAT launches the special edition (AnsaFoto) – MondoFuoristrada

The one between the legendary Pandino and our country is a love that resists over time. It is therefore no surprise that despite the progress and future-oriented international strategies designed by the Stellantis group FIAT continues to always rely on one of its most solid brands.

In this period of transition, where the motor industry is moving towards an increasingly electric-oriented production system, the Turin-based company is ready to launch a new version of the Panda 4×4. The best way to celebrate over 40 years of the legend. So here’s the Panda 4×40, as it was renamed by FIAT itself.

Panda, the legend returns: the 4×40 is ready

The Panda 4×40 is the special edition that FIAT has thought up for the anniversary of the model. Only a few examples will be produced of this highly anticipated limited edition version, just 1983. They will be sold in the European market, and it is easy to predict that they will really sell like hot cakes.

For the special birthday, the Panda has redone its look with some special modifications. The livery returns to the iconic ivory prime, and the red 4×40 logo peeks out in the side mouldings.

The exterior of this special edition then differs in the front fog lights and LED daytime running lights. The car has tinted windows. The front tow hooks are red. And on the roof are the features black bars.

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In the cockpit is once again ivory is the main colour, which characterizes the dashboard and the soft touch inserts in the seats. The 4×40 logo also peeks out on the seats. The steering wheel is in leather, as is the gear knob. The car is obviously equipped with all comforts, from the radio to the possibility of connecting the car to mobile devices, from electric mirrors to parking and rain sensors. All, of course, without forgetting the reliabilitya true trademark of the Panda.

In short, the iconic car is ready to make Italians dream again. How do you say? Forty years and not hearing them. And it is precisely the case of the Panda ready once again to prove that it is truly the most loved by Italians.

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