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“Fighting Whirlwind 6” demo report directly hits the “drive system” “Street Fighter 6” that brings a new combat structure to players

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“Fighting Whirlwind 6” demo report directly hits the “drive system” “Street Fighter 6” that brings a new combat structure to players
Since the announcement of the public trailer on June 3, “Street Fighter 6” (PC/PS5/Xbox Series X|S/PS4) has continued to release new information. In foreign countries, information is mainly announced in live broadcasts, while in Japan, media demos and collective interviews with development teams are conducted in CAPCOM Japan. In this report, players will be introduced to the experience of the trial.

※ The button labels in the report are based on the PS5 version. At the same time, the operation methods of buttons and input commands, if there is no special explanation, are based on the classic operation type.

The characters that can be manipulated by players are Long, Chunli, Luke, and the new character Jamie who debuted in “Fighting Whirlwind 6” for the first time. These four characters can be used for human battles, CPU battles, etc. war.

This demo version can experience the use of four characters to fight in two levels, as well as automatic instant comment function and so on.

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The brand-new character Jamie, who debuted in Kombat Whirlwind 6, is a master of drunken fists, and will increase the number of nirvanas that can be used according to the drunken LV.

Since the demo is limited to one hour this time, the author focused on examining the new element “Drive System (ドライブシステム)” introduced from “Kambat Whirlwind 6” that is common to all characters. At the same time as the drive system, the two operation types and automatic real-time commenting systems announced by the new elements unique to “Fighting Whirlwind 6” will be discussed in depth with the development team in the interview report, and players should not miss the other. An interview was reported.

After the experience in the series is combined with new elements, it becomes the “drive system” that is the key element of “Kamma Whirlwind 6”

The drive system generally refers to all actions that require the consumption of the drive gauge (ドライブゲージ) displayed below the physical strength gauge. At present, there are five types of “Driver Attack (ドライブインパクト)”, “Driver Block (ドライブパリィ)”, “Driver Burst (オーバードライブ)”, “Driver Gallop (ドライブラッシュ)”, “Driver Counterattack (ドライブリバーサル)”, etc. a means of use.

The drive gauge is full (6 bars) at the beginning of the round. Using the drive system will consume the corresponding number of bars according to the means used, and the reduced gauge will recover over time and when you take damage. Conversely, if you continue to defend against the opponent’s attack, the drive gauge will decrease, and when the gauge returns to zero, it will enter a state of loss of vitality (バーンアウト), and will not be able to use the drive system until the drive gauge is fully recovered.

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The green square displayed below the physical strength scale is the drive scale

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Characters who are in a state of inactivity will turn grey

drive burst

Among the drive systems, the most obvious and easy-to-understand effect is the drive burst. This is a system that is equivalent to the EX nirvana in the previous “Fighting Whirlwind” series, and it is used in the same way. As long as two buttons are pressed at the same time when inputting a special move command, the two-segment drive gauge will be consumed to activate the performance-enhanced “drive burst special move”.

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Drive Burst can be used with the same feeling as the conventional EX special moves. From the start of the first round, you can use the performance-enhancing nirvana,
Changes such as the simplification of the use of the Super Martial Arts Scale (スーパーアーツゲージ) will surely have a great impact on the development of the game.

drive onslaught

Drive Onslaught is also impressive in terms of power attack tactics. Pressing the strong punch and the strong kick at the same time will consume one bar of the drive gauge, and with the gorgeous special effects unique to “Fighting Whirlwind 6”, he will perform a striking technique that can offset the opponent’s attack performance. As long as it hits the opponent, it will be knocked up and knocked to the ground. Since the knock-up effect is quite strong, if the driver slams the opponent while pushing the opponent to the edge of the screen, not only when it hits, but even if it is defended, the wall effect will be triggered. chase.

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Driving Onslaught can be said to be a skill that symbolizes “Fight Whirlwind 6” in terms of performance and performance.
In addition to the outstanding performance of counteracting the opponent’s attack, even the skills with invincible time such as Luke’s thunder uppercut can be defeated.

Not only is the rate of return high and the special effects gorgeous, but it also consumes very few gauges. Drive Onslaught has a performance that makes you want to continuously cast it, but it also prepares a fairly obvious weakness. If the opponent first sees the drive attack from our side and then “uses” the drive attack first, the one who uses it first will definitely lose. Moreover, after the drive onslaught is countered, it will fall into a staggered state and have the effect of being unable to resist the pursuit. It is a system that focuses on observing the movements of the opponent’s characters and driving scales in actual battles and using them at critical moments.

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When using the driving attack to counter the opponent’s driving attack, it will change to a different perspective than usual and show a more gorgeous special performance.
It looks quite handsome, and if it is used in competitions and other occasions, it must be able to heat up the atmosphere of the entire venue.

drive gallop

Although driving gallop is not a means of direct attack, it is inseparably related to the offensive in “Fighting Whirlwind 6”. It is a system that can cancel some general skills and the freezing time generated by the drive grid will be mentioned later and sprint. )impression. In addition, the difference from the storage cancellation is that you can only sprint forward.

However, in this demo, even when the normal skill was blocked or when the weak attack was hit, the drive gallop was used to approach the opponent, and there was no feeling that the attack could continue under favorable conditions. Having said that, when the drive gallop is used after hitting a medium or strong attack, since the opponent is still in a state of leaning back, it can be pursued by means such as super martial arts. At the beginning of the battle, it can be used as an important means to quickly lengthen the combo.

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The consumption of the gauge to drive the sprint changes based on the actions taken immediately before the sprint.
It consumes 3 grids to activate when the normal skill is canceled, and 1 grid to use when it is put into a stance from the driving grid.

Drive counterattack, drive grid

Drive Counter and Drive Block are systems that come in handy when defending. The input method and effect of the former are very simple. When defending the opponent’s attack, push the joystick forward and press the strong punch and strong kick at the same time to launch an attack that cancels the defense and knocks the enemy to the ground. In other words, as long as you can master systems such as defense cancellation, there shouldn’t be much of a problem.

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Among the series, the closest system should be “Zero Counterattack (ゼロカウンター)”. The consumption of the drive gauge is 2 bars.

The drive grid is a highly original defense system in “Kamma Whirlwind 6”. Press the middle fist and middle foot at the same time and start to activate, until the button is released or the drive gauge resets to zero to release the stance, the effect of “automatically defending all strikes” will continue to occur. The effect of this kind of automatic defense can be said to be quite versatile. As long as it is in the stance of driving the block, it can be perfectly defended whether it is a multi-stage skill, a mid-to-lower-stage destroying defense skill, or a back attack.

Therefore, when the opponent’s strike technique is received at the moment when the drive block command is input, the “real-time block (ジャストパリィ)” that stops the opponent’s movement in an instant will be successfully triggered. It can also counterattack against opponents who are in a stiff state according to the skills blocked by the instant block.

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The Drive Grid will continue to consume the Drive Gauge while it is being activated, but the gauge will be restored as soon as the strike moves. It can also be used as a countermeasure to prevent oneself from losing vitality.

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When the drive block receives the opponent’s strike, it can immediately launch a counterattack.

The author believes that among the five drive systems, the drive grid is also a particularly strong system, but of course it also has weaknesses. First of all, it has no resistance to throwing techniques, and it has also been confirmed that if it is thrown by the opponent during the drive block, it will also increase the throwing damage.

Having said that, the most reliable countermeasure at this stage is only the throwing technique, and the defensive performance of the driving block can be said to be second to none in the series. Although it’s too early to say, how to crack the drive grid seems to be one of the important offensive and defensive topics in “Fighting Whirlwind 6”.

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Opponents in Throwing Drive Blocks are considered counters and deal increased damage.

In this trial, although the number of characters that can be manipulated and the game modes are very limited, the driving system related to the battle structure, as well as the screen performance and actions of Long, Chunli, Luke, Jamie, etc. There is a feeling of “Is this almost done?”. Players who are interested in the future development of “Kambat Whirlwind 6” may wish to pay close attention to the information announced on the official website or official Twitter account.


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