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First aid with drones, agreement Federconsumatori-118 – Health

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Federconsumatori adheres to the Seam (Sanitary Emergency Air Mobility) project of the Italian 118 System Society by signing a memorandum of understanding to promote the experimentation of an advanced emergency medical aid system for people in imminent danger of life. The model is carried out and coordinated by the 118 Operations Centers with the sending on critical scenarios of drones capable of carrying automatic defibrillators, in case of sudden cardiac arrest, blood products, in case of polytrauma with haemorrhagic shock, antidotes, potentially life-saving, in case of acute poisoning requiring its administration as early as possible.

In Italy, at least 60,000 deaths from sudden cardiac arrest are documented every year, according to data from 118, a number still so high and determined today of the lack of knowledge of cardiopulmonary resuscitation and the scarce diffusion of semi-automatic defibrillators in the territory, especially in the most disadvantaged.

Furthermore, the arrival times of the 118 System vehicles and crews, both in the urban area and in the extra-urban area, on patients in severe clinical conditions are still excessively long. “Making an efficient and timely first aid system available to citizens is an important step, which will save many lives – says Emilio Viafora, president of Federconsumatori – for this reason we believe it is fundamental and strategic to put innovation and artificial intelligence at the service of citizens, to protect their health and increase safety. ” “In an emergency, time is the key factor – says Mario Balzanelli, National President of SIS118 – and with the new, revolutionary System vision of the Seam project, the critically ill patient is ensured to receive life-saving therapies in good time, we will significantly reduce numerous avoidable deaths in our country “. (HANDLE).

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