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First-hand analysis of the new PlayStation Plus upgrade + advanced plan

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First-hand analysis of the new PlayStation Plus upgrade + advanced plan

PlayStation Plus

Hong Kong’s PlayStation Plus started to update its plan globally on May 24, and divided the service into three types, namely the “basic” as before, and the “upgrade” of the “game catalog” that can access more than 300 works. In addition to the “Game Directory”, you can also use the “Premium” services of “Game Trial” and “Classic Game Directory”. Existing PlayStation Plus subscribers will automatically transition and qualify for the “Basic” service, while the other two new services will require an additional monthly fee to activate. How about the new service, and whether it is worth the extra HK$40 per month for users to start, this article will analyze the content.

PlayStation Plus new plan

  • Basic:Includes monthly games, online multiplayer, PlayStation Plus collections, exclusive discounts, exclusive bundles, cloud storage, game assist, shared play (same as previous PlayStation Plus services).

  • upgrade:All content of the basic service is included, with an additional “Game Catalog”, and the number of free games updated every month increases.

  • advanced:Including all the content of the basic and upgraded services, with the addition of “Game Demo” and “Classic Game Catalog”.

PlayStation Plus New Plan Plan Prices


per month


Per year













*Basic plan costs are approximately the same as previous PlayStation Plus prices.

! ! What you need to know about purchasing a new PlayStation Plus plan! !

It should be noted that if you do not currently purchase any PlayStation Plus membership, when purchasing new services, you can choose to purchase it in the form of a monthly/quarterly/annual fee. However, if you are already a PlayStation Plus member, you must upgrade all your remaining PlayStation Plus time when upgrading, and the system will calculate the amount you should pay based on this. Simply put, if you have exactly one year remaining on your membership, when you choose to upgrade, you will have to pay for a full year to do so instead of purchasing a monthly or quarterly plan.

New “Game Catalog” with 329 titles

PlayStation PlusPlayStation Plus

PlayStation Plus

According to the list on the official website, there are only dozens of games in the “Game Catalog” that can only be enjoyed by “Upgrade” and “Advanced”, but the actual number is as high as 329 (including 17 classic games and 15 game trials). games), and more than 80% of them are native PS4 games. In the past, PlayStation Plus users could increase their personal game storage library through monthly games. Taking the author’s years of experience as an example, the number of works in the personal storage library is as high as 112. Unfortunately, if the user forgets to perform the specified action every month (adding the monthly free games to the personal save library), once they miss it, they cannot get it again. Therefore, more than 300 old games have been added to the “Game Catalog” this time. Although some of them overlap with the previous monthly games, it is still a rare opportunity for new and old users to increase the number of their collections. .

Note that once you join and become an “upgrade” or “premium” member, most of the “game catalogs” (except demo and classic games, etc.) will be automatically added to your personal collection area.

In addition to the “Game Directory” list listed on the official website, the author suggests that there are many games worth playing again and again. The following is a brief introduction:

  • Assetto Corsa Competition: Although it is not as famous as the “Gran Turismo” and “Project Cars” series, its image fidelity, physics engine and content are also of high quality, and it has also been used as an e-sports competition in some parts of Europe. A must try for racing enthusiasts.

  • Detroit: Become Human/ Beyond Two Souls/ Heavy Rain: A plot simulation adventure work developed by Quantic Dream, which can be used as a movie watching experience for people who do not play games often. According to the player’s behavior and dialogue options, the story will provide multiple endings. “Beyond Two Souls” also includes up to 20 or more endings.

  • BioShock/ BioShock Infinite: Although the “BioShock” series is the first shooting game, its nostalgic style of the 1960s and 1970s, as well as the implicit father-daughter relationship between “Big Daddy” and “Little Sister”, and the story of “Utopia” The establishment and decline of the game, its huge story content structure is also worthy of players’ pondering. “BioShock Infinite” is the latest episode, moving from the original deep-sea stage to the air.

  • Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night: If you like the old “Devil City” horizontal action dungeon adventure series, this work is re-made by the old artists and development personnel, and it is worth recommending.

  • real. Three Kingdoms Warriors 7 Empires: Personal opinion “Empires” series is compared to the original “True. “Three Kingdoms Warriors” has more changes and gameplay. Although this is not the latest episode, the charm and content of “7” is still attractive at present.

  • Fighting EX Layer: There are not many new fighting games. This game caused quite a bit of talk when it was launched. The main reason is that its developer Akira is also the manufacturer of the legendary work “Street Fighter EX”, and the non-mainstream characters that once appeared in the latter, It also appears in this work in a familiar pose to players.

  • Final Fantasy VII/ VIII/ IX/ X/ X-2/ XII/ XV: Note that VII in the “Game Catalog” is a high-definition original work, not a remake that has appeared in recent years. I won’t say much about how classic “Final Fantasy” is. From the seventh episode to the twelfth episode, it has its supporter layer. However, it seems that the outside world has a general evaluation of the latest “XV”, and I personally think that its plot is worth appreciating.

  • InFAMOUS/ InFAMOUS Second Son: An old work produced by Sucker Punch Productions, the developer of “Spiderman”. The protagonist is also a superpower, and it also belongs to a large-scale open-world action game. It can be said to be the predecessor of “Spiderman”.

  • New Dimension Game Fighter Girl VII: A rare Japanese RPG game, this series is titled “The Incarnation of Past Game Consoles as Fighting Girls”, and has successfully gained attention in the market. The content and combat have become easier to learn after several episodes of baptism.

  • Monster Hunter World: It used to be a free mode for PS users to download and play a few years ago, and this time it was added to the game catalogue is a boon for players. Note that this work does not include the latest “Iceborne” expansion content.

  • NBA 2K22: Last month’s PlayStation Plus free games have now been added to the game catalog, allowing users to download and play as many as they want at a later date. The NBA has now entered the final stage of the East and West Divisions. After watching the real game, you may wish to supplement it with games.

  • Project Cars 2/3: A real racing simulation game that is second only to “Gran Turismo” and “Forza”, and is almost a must-play for car lovers.

  • marvel star strike team: Although Square-Enix has recently revealed that the revenue and expenditure of its Marvel game works are not in line with expectations, the outside world has also commented on these works in general. I personally think that “Star Commando” is better than the previous “Avengers”, and Marvel fans deserve it. Give it a try.

*The above introduction is only personal preference, and there are many works that are not in the above list but worth a try.

“Classic Game Catalog” and “Game Trial” that can only be activated by “Advanced” service

PlayStation PlusPlayStation Plus

PlayStation Plus

At present, there are only 17 works in the “Classic Game Catalog”. Among them, the “Jak” series is a must-play classic masterpiece for American players, but it is not very popular in Asia. At present, the content of the “Classic Game Catalog” is closer to European and American styles. Although Japanese works also include “Tekken 2”, the first episode of “Everybody’s Golf”, “Ape Escape” (or “Catch the Monkey”), “Wild Arms” and so on, Unfortunately, for those who love nostalgic games, the appeal is still very limited. It is expected that after the launch of the service in other regions (especially Japan), this catalog will add more and more attractive old PS or PSP games, etc. Personally, I am looking forward to the first-level masterpieces such as “Ridge Racer” and “Arc the Lad” that could only be played on the PlayStation.

PlayStation PlusPlayStation Plus

PlayStation Plus

Currently all classic games can run on PS4, and the “Jak” series is temporarily only available on PS4 version. The classic game remake corresponds to PS4 and PS5 handle operations, and adds “rewind” (rewind the game to a specified time point automatically saved by the system), “load and save” (for action games or only use storage Click to save games is a great boon) and three options of “Settings”, which allows players to switch between native 4:3 graphics and modern 16:10 / 16:9, or even use a wide angle Scaling to stretch what was originally a near-square old picture to a long picture on a modern screen.

PlayStation PlusPlayStation Plus

The screen zoom can be selected by yourself. The original resolution will make the screen smaller. After zooming in to 16:9, black bars will be added to the left and right of the screen, which is more suitable for general players.

PlayStation PlusPlayStation Plus

Since the START button of the handle is an option screen to open the system, the user must use the touch screen of the handle to perform the “START” and “SELECT” operations in the game.

PlayStation PlusPlayStation Plus

What is surprising is the “rewind” function, the system will automatically record the player’s progress every 5 seconds, and the player can rewind the game at least 5 seconds ago or 5 minutes ago at any time.

PlayStation PlusPlayStation Plus

The classic works are beautified, even without the aid of old TV scanlines (scan lines), the picture does not have the problem of unsightly edges and corners. Of course, it is understandable that the pixels will be more obvious after the picture is enlarged. (The picture shows “Tekken 2”)

PlayStation PlusPlayStation Plus

PlayStation Plus

There are currently 15 “Game Trials”. Although the game is a full version, users can only try it out for two hours. The progress of the game is stored on the console or in the cloud, and can be reloaded and played again when the game is officially purchased in the future. Although the trial service is only two hours, it is enough for most people to decide whether to buy or not. It is a pity that most of the new works now have a capacity of tens of GB or more. If the Internet speed at home is average, it may take many hours to download the full version, and the result may be “download waiting time” It’s more than a trial.” The following is the current work recommendation of “Game Demo”:

  • Horizon Western Forbidden Area: A good work whose edge was overshadowed by “The Ring of Eldon”. The content is huge and the picture quality is excellent. The sequel has improved many of the weaknesses of the previous episode. The gameplay of hunting various mechanical dragons with weapons is also the mainstream. It is definitely worth a visit try. Note that the capacity of this for more than 100 GB. For more information about the game, please refer to this article.

  • Little Tina’s Wonderland: The same edge is overshadowed by “Ayrden’s Circle”. If you are a supporter of the “Borderland” series, this work will definitely meet your needs. The game is the first shooting RPG work, and unexpected firearms and attack methods are one of its selling points.

  • BioMutant: A rare new treasure-playing action game with high difficulty and rich attack methods. The world is an open adventure.

  • Crusader Kings III: In recent years, more and more people are paying attention to and indulging in war-based strategy games. The background is focused on the territory of England. Players will play the role of the emperor and conduct diplomatic consultations with neighboring countries, such as assigning spies, military assistance or territorial invasion.

  • WWE 2K22: The latest episode of the classic wrestling game that is more neglected in Asia, if you have many years of experience in watching American wrestling shows, you will feel better. Creating your own wrestlers and downloading wrestlers made by others are the selling points of this work. In addition, the new card collection challenge mode similar to “FIFA” FUT in this episode is also another focus.

Currently no streaming service available in Hong Kong

The “Premium” plan, currently only available in the US, Europe, UK and Japan, includes premium content and includes a large number of PS3 games that can be streamed to enable players to play immediately without downloading the official version. Unfortunately, according to the reply from PlayStation Hong Kong, they do not yet know when or whether they will provide streaming services in Hong Kong, so users can only wait for more news to be released. Games such as “Wrath of Ashura”, “Lost Planet 2”, “Resistance 3”, “Tokyo Jungle” and other popular PS3 works are not in the current “Game Catalog”. For those who love nostalgic works, It’s a small regret.

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