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First monument in the world in the metaverse

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The first monument in the world lands in the metaverse. The idea comes from Reasoned Art, an Italian startup benefit company dedicated to cryptoart and operating through blockchain technology accelerated by LVenture Group. In practice, for three days – 30, 31 December 2021 and 1 January 2022 – in the symbolic moment of transition between the old and the new year, the international collective Ouchhh (a multidisciplinary creative studio based in Istanbul) covered the Arco della Peace of Milan with an innovative 360 ​​° data sculpture, transforming one of the symbolic monuments of the Lombard capital into an immersive work of art. AI Dataportal_Arch of Light, which includes a one-of-a-kind VR experience, will soon become an NFT, making the Arch of Peace the first monument in the world to ever enter the Metaverse.

The operation, carried out in collaboration with the ABAP Superintendency of Milan and with the patronage of the Municipality of Milan, was born with the intention of wrapping the Arco della Pace in an embrace of light with a very powerful subtext: innovation does not she is an enemy of tradition, but a passionate and faithful accomplice.

From a technical point of view, the work was born thanks to a flow of images generated by an artificial intelligence system, AI Dataportal_Arch of Light covered the Arco della Pace with a second skin in continuous transformation that told the history of our country. For this occasion, the artists have configured an AI capable of reinterpreting and giving new life to over 20,000 works of art – by over 320 artists – belonging to the most varied artistic movements, from Byzantine art to Italian contemporary art. The work included the annual data of the map of the Italian firmament collected by NASA and all our digitized literary heritage, belonging to a time span of over 1700 years.


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