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First you find work, then you pay for the course. The Talent Garden project (also for It Academy)

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First you find work, then you pay for the course.  The Talent Garden project (also for It Academy)

First you find a job, then you pay for the training course that allowed you to find it. Talent Garden launched the project Pay4Talents with the aim of breaking down the only barrier to access to professional training courses that does not depend on people’s talent or their will: the cost, not always for all budgets.

It is a model that is already widespread, especially in the United States, and it is called Income Sharing Agreementin fact an agreement on the sharing of part of the salary for a limited period of time, and provides that a share of the paycheck go directly to the company with which you took the training course that allowed the worker to find a job. The pilot project was launched by the digital education company together with Talent Venture and will cover two courses: one for coding and software developers, the Italian Tech Academy launched on 29 April by Talent Garden and the Gedi group, and one for security experts. informatics.

Dattoli: “We want to make training accessible to all”

“We want to make Coding and Cybersecurity training accessible to anyone where we have thousands of open job positions in Italy and where companies do not find suitable candidates”, he comments Davide Dattoli, founder and executive president of Talent Garden. “There are two main stumbling blocks: parents, who still too often push their children not to undertake paths of this type, directing them instead to the more traditional economic or law universities, where, however, the national average of employment is today much lower than the two Stem areas that we propose; the second is the economic one. This is why we decided to experiment with the Income Sharing Agreements models in Italy too “, he added.

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Al via Italian Tech Academy

April 30, 2022

The worker will pay about 12% of the income

This payment method, made available by Talents Venturewill allow students to enroll without any immediate outlay and start paying only after starting work by paying a percentage of approximately 12% of the incomecalculated on the annual gross received.

The repayment period is set in 56 months, at the end of which the contract will be considered honored, regardless of the amount reimbursed. Courses, opportunities and methods are described in detail on the page dedicated to the Coding course of Italian Tech Academy and Cyber ​​Security of Talent Garden.

The board

Il Digital Sustainable Management di Italian Tech Academy

April 30, 2022

“Already at the end of 2021 we worked together with Talent Garden in a first experiment to give students the opportunity to train and pay based on their income after the period of study. Today we continue along the path together thanks to the fact that we are the first to have brought Income Share Agreements to Italy with a platform that allows us to raise funds from investors who want to support talented young people, believing in the added value that this will bring not only to students. but to the whole market ”, he commented instead Giorgio BianchiCEO and co-founder of Talents Venture.

To access the opportunity, at the time of registration it will be necessary to overcome in any case the selection of Talents Venture and support two interviews with the Talent Garden team, who will evaluate the profile and aptitude for the chosen path. Once the application has been approved, students will have to pay a security deposit of 500 which will be returned upon completion of the course.

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The board

Il Coding Bootcamp di Italian Tech Academy

April 30, 2022

Talent Garden: 98% of students find a job

Talent Garden has currently trained around 5,000 people in 12 European countries. Of these, according to company data, the 98% immediately found a job thanks also to a collaboration with approx 200 companies. A high percentage, but “the cost of this type of education, comparable to the best masters, is not always accessible to everyone and knowing that many talents are held back by a trivial economic issue has always been our concern. There can be no obstacles to passion. and the desire for knowledge, especially in a world where continuous training on digital skills is needed to remain competitive on the job market “, adds Dattoli, who concludes:” This is why we are particularly happy to contribute to spreading new financing models for training ” .

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