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Fitness trackers motivate us to exercise – Hi-tech

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Fitness trackers motivate us to exercise – Hi-tech

Fitness trackers, pedometers and smartwatches motivate us to exercise more and lose weight by encouraging us to walk up to 40 minutes more each day (about 1,800 more steps), with an average weight loss of one kilo in five months. This was revealed by a research by the University of South Australia, published in The Lancet Digital Health.

The research looked at nearly 400 studies involving 164,000 people around the world. “The overall results of the studies we have examined – notes Ty Ferguson, who led the research – show that wearable devices that monitor our activity levels are effective in all age groups and for long periods of time. people to exercise on a regular basis, be part of their routine and set weight loss goals. “

Weight loss of a pound may not seem like a lot, but the researchers say it is significant from a public health perspective. “An average person generally gains half a kilo per year – concludes Professor Carol Maher, co-author of the study – so losing one in five months is significant”.

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