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Fitness trends 2023: what changes in the post-pandemic

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Fitness trends 2023: what changes in the post-pandemic

2022 is at the end of the line: a complex period is behind us, but the desire to go further, improve one’s state of health, both mental and physical, is strong. And for the new year?

Sabrina Commis

We are at the end of another certainly not easy year, divided into two parts. In the first months, we were cautious, circumspect, still cautious. The second part of the year, from the summer onwards, saw the desire for rebirth. A key role in achieving psychophysical well-being is entrusted to fitnessindeed to the wellness with new programs, often tailor-made and personalized.

Perspectives 2023

With the awareness that our expectations have changed as well as our habits, in this newfound normality, we proceed by points. What emerges? “Fitness” is outdated. It’s time for wellness, in first place among the requests and trends that today form the basis of all other trends – he explains Roberta Minardi, general manager of Aspria Harbor Club -. We talk about well-being, a market that according to research by McKinsey1 today it reaches $1.5 trillion globally and which is estimated to continue to increase by 5-10% every year. By identifying the multiple dimensions of wellbeing in health, fitness, nutrition, appearance, sleep and mindfulness, McKinsey says wellbeing is now a daily priority for the 50% of all consumers, with l’81% which he agrees is an important aspect.

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New routines

In the post-pandemic period, the way people view exercise has changed radically: high-intensity interval training will give way in 2023 to more balanced routines. “The trend HIIT much exploited in the pandemic when cardio movement was the best way to release stress and tension, it will see a lot of alternation with gentler techniques: stretching, mindfulness, meditation and mind-body workouts like yoga, pilates.”

The importance of mental health

A WHO research has estimated that, during the pandemic, moods such as anxiety and depression increased by 25%. This figure highlighted the importance of a good body-mind balance. Physical activity is confirmed as a beneficial tool according to research by the John W Brick Foundation3. “The positive impulse that comes from physical activity exercise during the pandemic has implemented awareness of what exercise is and what it is for: previously focused on weight loss and fitness, it is now about mental health and happiness. This is the request of those who attend a sports center or a club”.

Fitness is a measure

Today it is possible to provide tailor-made proposals. Fitness offers numerous apps for smartphones, smart watches and other wearable technologies to track and provide data suitable for various fitness needs, whether you are in the gym, in a training session at home or outdoors.

A flexible future

The ability to exercise anywhere is the top fitness trend for 2023. Research by Accenture4 suggests brands operate in the digital world and the physical world in complementary ways to ensure flexibility and convenience: a hybrid approach to fitness, where it is equally You can train at home or in the gym. “In this perspective, the workouts at home they don’t aim to replace gyms, but to help users with options that allow them to insert, at will, a workout over the course of the day, between work and personal commitments”.

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