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Flat belly in one gulp: 5 tasty drinks to say goodbye to excess fat

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Flat belly in one gulp: 5 tasty drinks to say goodbye to excess fat

Do you know how to get a flat stomach quickly and easily? With these 5 drinks you can say goodbye to the much hated abdominal fat.

The extra pounds in the abdominal area are among the most hated. Eliminating them isn’t always easy, as you need to combine a proper diet with some physical activity. There are, however, some drinks that can facilitate weight reduction, helping to dispose of excess kilos.

5 drinks to have a flat stomach: how to make them in minutes

Fat that accumulates in the abdominal area can be attributed to several causes. Wrong diet, stress, too sedentary lifestyle: whatever the cause, excess rolls on the stomach and hips area are among the most hated of all, by both men and women. From the oriental tradition come 5 incredible drinks that help fight abdominal fat and to lose weight easily and safely.

Drinking hot water and lemon in the morning helps burn fat – (tantasalute.it)

Here they are 5 drinks that help say goodbye to excess fat and to have a super flat stomach.

  1. water with honey and lemon. In a hot or cooler version, this drink is excellent for disposing of excess fat. Lemon is an excellent antioxidant and fat burner, while honey gives a more pleasant taste that makes this drink perfect for every palate. To drink every morning on an empty stomach at least 20 minutes before breakfast.
  2. water and cumin. This spice widely used in traditional Indian cuisine is an incredible source of benefits: it has few calories, reduces bad cholesterol, controls blood sugar levels and speeds up the metabolism. The drink it can be prepared the night before or directly in the morning and should be drunk hot. For a more pleasant taste, add lemon juice.
  3. water and fennel. Known for its digestive properties, fennel helps reduce abdominal swelling. Consumed in the morning in hot water, it is rich in fiber and increases the sense of satietyso as to avoid sudden hunger attacks.
  4. water and cinnamon. This spice is known for its beneficial properties, which help not only speed up the metabolism and burn fat but also regulate blood sugar levels. Not surprisingly, more and more people are including cinnamon in their diet. Just boil a small pan of water for 10 minutes with cinnamon sticks or powderuntil the water has reached a bright colour.
  5. water and amla. Amla is very well known in Eastern countries and in the West everyone knows it as Indian gooseberry. This fruit is very rich in chromium, which helps reduce bad cholesterol. It is also anti-aging, reduces the risk of heart problems and helps digestion. To make the drink you can use a ready-made juice or squeeze some pieces of alma and add them to a little curry and water.
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