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Florence, on sick leave but they were at the game: 2 soldiers sentenced

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They resulted in sick leave but in reality they were at the stadium in Florence for the football match Fiorentina-Naples. Two army soldiers were therefore sentenced to three months and twenty days of military confinement, with the conviction of the Military Court of Appeal of Rome finalized by the Cassation. The facts date back to August 2019, when the two went to the stadium during the period in which they were on leave for health reasons and, while watching the match, they were recognized by their superior.

Non-existent diseases The two defendants, one from Naples and the other from Cava, were accused of having provided medical certificates indicating non-existent diseases, according to reports from “Il Mattino” of Naples. In the appeals, the defense argued that the pathologies indicated were pre-existing and depended in part on reasons of service. And he guaranteed that there hadn’t been any problems with rosters, since the necessary replacements had already been planned. On the other hand, there had been the confirmation of the tickets purchased for the match and the analysis of the footage from the cameras at the stadium, which undoubtedly attested the presence in the stands of the two soldiers on medical leave.

“illegal conduct” The sentence therefore did not allow for discounts since “it cannot fail to reveal that the unlawful conduct was aimed at escaping the complex of tasks inherent in the services that the defendants should have performed during the shifts assigned on the days in which they simulated the disputed illness. The goal of their pretend behavior was to evade the shifts to which they were assigned, in their entirety.”

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