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Floriana Floris stabbed to death: murder in Incisa Scapaccino

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A murder and an attempted suicide were discovered in Piazza XX Settembre, in Borgo Villa in Incisa Scapaccino, in the Asti area, at lunchtime today, Friday 9 June 2023. Paolo Riccone (pictured below), a 50-year-old socio-economic researcher , stabbed to death his partner, Floriana Floris, an unemployed 49-year-old originally from Milan, and then attempted suicide.

It all probably happened two days ago, Wednesday 7, in the house where they lived together: since then Riccone, after being wounded with a knife, would have kept vigil over his partner’s body. The couple’s German shepherd dog and cat were also in the house. The carabinieri intervened on the spot, investigating with the coordination of the prosecutor Eleonora Guerra of the Alessandria prosecutor’s office.

The presumed murderer was wounded and transported to hospital in Asti: his conditions are not serious. The man, son of the town’s historic gas station attendant who died on May 2, worked as a researcher in Alessandria. In the past he had been a consultant to the Ministry of Labor in Rome. He had recently had psychiatric problems. He did not confess to the murder, claiming he found his partner dead at home.

The murder was discovered after the alarm given today by the victim’s daughter, who lives in Milan (the city where her mother was also from) and was worried as she hadn’t heard from her mother or even her partner for two days. For this reason, the carabinieri entered the house thanks to the intervention of the firemen who opened the door, finding the body and the wounded man. The couple, both of whom had previously been married, had recently moved back to Incisa Scapaccino after having lived elsewhere.

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Mayor Matteo Massimelli told TorinoToday: “I’m a bit disconcerted, it’s a tragedy that no one could have imagined. We are astonished and amazed. The community is close to the families involved. It is a tragedy, we are very close to those who lost a family member.”

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