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Flu, 6 regions from the red zone: this is who is worse off

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Flu, 6 regions from the red zone: this is who is worse off

It’s alarm red zone per 6 Italian regions and not for the Covid. the virus ofinfluenzacalled Darwinis spreading so rapidly throughout the peninsula that it has come to mark the new case records in the last 12 years.

According to the bulletin Influnet elaborated by the Higher Institute of Health (Iss), the incidence to date is 16 infections per thousand inhabitants, which however rises to 50.2 per thousand inhabitants for children under the age of five.

Italy, after three years of worrying about Covid, is worrying again about theAustralian fluwhose epidemic curve keeps climbing steeply, breaking the record of cases of the season 2009-2010so I 6 regions come dangerously close to red zone because ofhigh intensity of circulation of flu virusputting pressure on hospital systems.

To complicate the situation further: the Covidwho not only has flu-like symptoms, but who commits about the 15% of beds available in medical departments. At the moment, however, as also underlined in an article de The printthe hospitals that are most affected by the high spread of the flu virus are the pediatric hospitalsbecause they are the smaller to be affected byinfluenza Darwin.

Faced with such a situation, it is therefore appropriate to delve into the matter, trying to understand how to distinguish the flu from Covid and above all what are the regions at risk. Below, everything you need to know.

Flu, 6 regions from the red zone: this is who is worse off

The epidemic curve ofinfluenza continues to rise and is alarm red zone for at least six regionswhere hospitals, especially children’s hospitals, are under pressure from high cases.

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If I’m rare the cases in which in small patients under the age of three they can develop problems of nature pulmonaryit is also true that due to the high number of cases, the hospitalizations in hospital wards. According to the latest results of the weekly monitoring of the ISS, dating back to the week from November 28th to December 4thI’m well 942 miles the citizens in bed with the flu, against 770 thousand of the previous week. Since the beginning of the epidemic, the count of those enticed by the flu virus has risen to 3 million and 521 thousand.

At the moment, the central-northern regions are the ones most affected by the spread of the virus Darwin and for this reason at risk of the red zone. The regions are:

  • il Piedmontwhere the highest peaks were recorded;
  • the Lombardy;
  • il Veneto;
  • l’ Umbria,
  • il Lazio,
  • l’ Abruzzo.

If this is the situation in the first week of December, experts are warning citizens, as usually the flu peak is reached between late January and early Februaryeven if, having the contagion occurred well in advance this year, the flu could reach its maximum sooner, probably right after Christmas. According to the forecasts of the virologist of the University of Milan, Fabrizio Pregliasacco, it is probable that by the end of the year the number of patients bedridden for the flu will exceed 10 million cases.

Flu, what are the symptoms and what are the differences with Covid

What worries the experts therefore seems to be no longer Covid but this new one flu virus: Darwin.

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Virus no more dangerous than the previous versions but which, like other influenza viruses, can lead to complications of a pulmonary nature when the elderly, frail and small children are infected, with pneumonia even lethal when the immune system is weak.

We must also consider that to date the Sars-Cov-2 virus has flu symptoms similar, but not the same as those of the flu. In fact, i symptoms of the Darwin virus are mainly:

  • fever improvise over 38 which lasts about 3 days;
  • stuffy nose or runny;
  • sore throat;
  • cough;
  • articolar pains and muscular.

Usually positive patients at the Covid they do have symptoms such as a cold, cough and sore throat, but everything is accompanied by a fever which it tends to be lower. In these cases it is important to swab to find out if it is Covid or other flu-like viruses.

According to Matthew Bassettidirector of infectious diseases of the San Martino hospital in Genoa, there is a “frightening” increase in non-Covid infectious diseasesespecially the flu.

With the Natale at the gates and family dinners, then, the virus could spread even faster, risking causing serious problems to the hospital network of the regions. In order not to give up on the holidays, a solution could be to wear the mask in the presence of symptoms in order not to infect the family members most at risk: the elderly, frail people and children.

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