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Flu alarm, case boom: what are the symptoms

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Flu alarm, case boom: what are the symptoms

Cases of flu are on the rise in Italy. Let’s see what the symptoms are and above all what needs to be done.

In Italy there is a flu alarm. After two years where masks and measures against Covid have made it possible to keep cases under control, this winter the numbers are on the rise and the risk is to see a growing trend in the coming months.

Boom of flu cases in Italy – Notizie.com – © Ansa

The flu is back worse than it left us in 2019 – Matteo Bassetti told beraking latest newsand it took off like a rocket. We returned to the driving force of 2009 with high numbers ahead of the season. We have important numbers already at the end of November“.

Surely today it is scary also for all that it carries with it with a quantity of pan-flu viruses, pneumococcal diseases and pneumonia – added the director of Infectious Diseases of the San Martino Polyclinic in Genoa – but I don’t recommend putting the mask obligation back on. These microorganisms must circulate as they always have and we must protect ourselves perhaps by raising the coverage of vaccinations for influenza and pneumococcus“.

Boom of flu cases in Italy, the symptoms

Mariano Magrì, pediatrician of the Prevention department of the ASL of Lecce, always focused on theberaking latest news about the symptoms of this flu: “We always expect the usual: cough, cold, headache, body achesbut what we pediatricians fear is the onset of complications, which are always possible even in the pediatric age“.

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Children definitely get sicker – added the pediatrician – it is true that it is the grandparents who pay the price, but complications can also arise in the little ones. We are talking about otitis, pneumonia, encephalitis, myocarditis and every year we see unavoidable deaths even in previously healthy individuals“.

Flu symptoms
Here are the symptoms of flu – Notizie.com – © Ansa

Magrì advised to vaccinate children because “as well as helping to significantly reduce the circulation of the flu virus for the benefit of fragile subjects to whom vaccination is primarily aimedalso means containing the huge costs of a disease that weighs heavily on our health system, but which also has social repercussions considering the working days lost by parents to look after sick children“.

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