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flu and Covid together, seats sold out in the ward

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flu and Covid together, seats sold out in the ward

It begins. Among other things, earlier than in previous years (Covid pandemic aside). Yes, because in almost all the hospitals in the region we are already running out of beds available. As if to say that such a small number remains that the health authorities are forced to run for cover to find places for people to be hospitalised.


There are basically four. The first is linked to Covid. After all, if it is true that the virus is less scary now, it is not at all true that the pandemic is over. This is demonstrated by the fact that hospitals are still affected by hospitalizations of people with Covid. Fragile patients with even serious pathologies in progress, who however have been “awakened” by the virus. Well, in almost all the larger hospitals there is still a Covid ward, albeit with few beds, in Pordenone there are about twenty constantly occupied. Other patients with Covid remain in the specific wards where the bubble is set up to avoid new infections. The virus therefore continues to occupy beds. The second reason is linked to the fact that the flu is decidedly more violent this year, also because for two years practically no one fell ill. The flu virus, therefore, has found a highway. It is no coincidence that there are already several frail patients who have been forced into hospitalization due to the flu. Not only. Every day the number increases, a sign that the virus continues to circulate and hospitalizations are also growing. And to think that in the state we have not even come close to the peak, although most likely the highest number of infections will no longer be in mid-January as happened in previous years, but more likely during the Christmas holidays.

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These two viruses, therefore, have already filled hospital beds. The red alert went off in Pordenone, even though no contingency plans have been made so far to divert patients. The path of shipments to San Vito and Spilimbergo remains open, even if the people who need hospitalization live closer to Santa Maria degli Angeli. A necessary move to relieve the Civil Service of Pordenone, only that the two network hospitals are also running out of beds. Udine is doing a little better, but even at Santa Maria della Misericordia the spaces are shrinking day after day. We are now on yellow alert.


The third cause of the “full house” is instead linked to the fact that unlike what happened during Covid, when the surgeries did not work, except for emergencies, in this period, however, they are active and operate a lot on the scheduled interventions. Definitely good news also in terms of responding to expectations, only that the surgical beds are also taken care of for patients who have left the rooms and therefore are no longer free to accommodate non-surgical patients. Last but not negligible fact is the lack of personnel. In practice, finding spaces to set up new beds inside hospitals would not be entirely impossible. On the other hand, what is unthinkable is adding other posts to the current staff. There would be patients without nurses and doctors who follow them.


«We have already activated a tender for the search for about thirty new nurses to be hired on a fixed-term basis – explains the medical director of Santa Maria degli Angeli, Michele Chittaro – and now we are waiting to understand how many places will actually be occupied. Given the number of nurses that we will have available, we will evaluate how to deal with the emergency of beds. Up to now we have not made alternative plans because it is essential to understand how many nurses we will be able to bring home. Numbers in hand, if it will be possible, we will try to activate new extra beds ». The fact remains that, as mentioned, the alarm signal has already sounded at the Pordenone hospital. «Actually – explains Chittaro – there is already little availability of spaces and where possible, for internal diseases we try to prefer the hospital of San Vito. Only that space problems are present in all the Asfo structures». Latest data. The staff on duty in the emergency room who have to sort the patients are already getting their hair straight for this high-risk weekend full house.

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