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Flu, new symptoms. From cough to muscle pain: here’s how to recognize it

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Flu, new symptoms.  From cough to muscle pain: here’s how to recognize it

Influenza record-breaking. The data from the latest Influnet report «confirm that in Italy as well as in the rest of Europe we are registering a peak which particularly affects children, to which must be added bronchiolitis caused by respiratory syncytial virus. It is a wave of infections that is starting to put hospital pediatric wards and family pediatrician offices in crisis, especially in the north of the country. We cannot say that the cases are more serious or burdened with complications than in previous years, also because the balances are made at the end, so we will have to talk about it again in the spring of 2023. But certainly the number of children affected by influenza viruses is far higher than that recorded in the last two winter seasons». This was underlined to beraking latest news Salute by Mariano Magrì, pediatrician in the Prevention department of ASL Lecce.

Influenza boom, Matteo Bassetti: «Much worse than 2019, the “curve” is only at the beginning, “fragile” and elderly people get vaccinated»

The flu epidemic started earlier than usual

«What we can say with certainty is that the flu epidemic started earlier than usual – Magrì recalls – The Influnet report shows us that the levels currently recorded are those that were recorded in other winters (before 2020) during the flu peak. In the Province of Lecce), for example, we already demonstrated the first cases last August; subsequently, as it is obvious, with the arrival of the cold, the greater attendance of closed and crowded places, the attendance in schools, have contributed to determining the situation we are observing ».

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The characteristic symptoms of the 2022-2023 flu will conceivably be the same as in past seasons, i.e. a varying combination of:

  • sudden high fever,
  • dry, tickly cough,
  • headache,
  • tiredness and weakness,
  • chills,
  • muscle and joint pain,
  • abdominal pain,
  • diarrhea, nausea and vomiting (especially in children),
  • sore throat,
  • stuffy nose and sneezing,
  • loss of appetite,
  • reduced quality of sleep

From the onset of the first symptoms, one can also witness manifestations similar to the most classic of colds, such as increased nasal secretions, tearing and burning eyes; the symptoms generally tend to fade within 5-7 days at most (slightly more in children), however asthenia and cough can last much longer.

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