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Flu peak: it’s not Covid

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Flu peak: it’s not Covid

The peak of seasonal flu is coming, but don’t worry, it’s not about Covid. The most affected are young children but the risk affects everyone.

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There are 2 and a half million Italians in bed due to the flu but let’s not confuse it with Covid, it is simply the peak, which recorded data that has not been seen since 2009.

Flu peak

In this period, as often happens every year, theseasonal flu returns to bully hitting many Italians, especially i children under 5 years old.

Precisely 2 and a half million are those confined to bed by malaise, fever and colds, so much so that there is talk of a new wave of covid contagionbut is not so.

It is the usual seasonal flu which, however, seems to be more serious than other years, in fact the recorded data has not been recorded since 2009in which there was the swine season.

For the fragility that distinguishes them with regard to the immune systemchildren are the most affected but experts indicate that every age group is exposed.

And give

According to the latest report InfluNet dell’Issrelating to the final week of November, the number of cases has grown significantly compared to the beginning of cold season.

In fact, the incidence was equal to 12.9 cases per thousand assisted.

The final week of the month just ended proved to be just the worst since they were recorded 761 thousand cases are these days, about 200 more than the previous one.

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If in previous years the peak came around January and February, it is now well in advance in all regions, but how can we distinguish seasonal flu from Covid?

Flu peak or return of Covid?

It is one of the biggest doubts of families facing this surge of influenceor whether the symptomatology is that of Covid or not.

Giving an answer is not easy, in fact the virus has certainly not stopped circulating. The new variants have different symptoms from the previous ones, for example the most characteristic one has been lost, i.e. the temporary loss of smell and taste.

The rest of the symptoms, typical of the flu, therefore sore throat, cold, watery eyes, fever and muscle aches. However, some differences can be observed on large numbers, which highlight how feverish states in influenza are higher.

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Sore throat, on the other hand, is more typical of Covid. In short, it is not easy to make a precise distinction and in the face of these difficulties theepidemiological elementtherefore knowing whether or not an individual has been in contact with a person with Covid.

Also I prefer agreed with this and added that to clarify, a swab can be used, which will leave no doubt.

Basically, the results are the same, in fact in both cases there is an increase in the price smartworking e permission to follow the children to bed, provided that the sick are not really the parents!

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