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Food recalls of the week: allergens in chocolate

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Food recalls of the week: allergens in chocolate

The Ministry of Health has updated its website with other food recalls of the week. All the details.

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The Ministry of Health carried out 6 food recalls in this week, including 3 withdrawals for a known contaminated Asian product. Particular attention is paid to a batch of chocolate cake mix, which is dangerous for the health of consumers.

All food recalls of the week: allergens in chocolate

Mega recall for the company Lucky Me, of which the Ministry of Health reports 3 revocations and 2 recalls, only this week. These are ethnic products, especially Asian ones, such as Thai noodles and noodles with a high risk of ethylene oxide poisoning.

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Already last week, the competent bodies had reported the recall of these products. Particular attention also to a batch of chocolate cream mix, in which traces of the lupine allergen were found. Below are all the food recalls of the week, in chronological order from the most recent to the oldest:

It is recommended to pay the utmost attention to contaminated products and to bring them back to the reference point of sale.

Allergens in food: all the dangers

About 2% of adults and up to 8% of children suffer from true food allergy. The real food allergens are proteins. The difference between allergy and intolerance lies in the way the body handles the offending food.

In a true food allergy, the body’s immune system recognizes a reaction-causing substance, or allergen, as foreign and produces antibodies to stop the “invasion”. As the battle rages, symptoms appear throughout the body.

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The most common sites are the mouth (swelling of the lips), the digestive system (stomach cramps, vomiting, diarrhea), the skin (hives, skin rashes or eczema) and the respiratory tract (wheezing or breathing problems).

There is no cure for food allergies; the only solution is to strictly avoid the offending food. For an individual with food allergies, the main problem is knowing whether an allergen is contained in a particular food.

Food intolerance is due to a chemical deficiency (usually the lack of a specific enzyme) and causes digestive problems. Lactose intolerance is an example of food intolerance.

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