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Foods that are enemies of migraine all contain the same substance

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Foods that are enemies of migraine all contain the same substance

You can defend yourself with lifestyle and drugs. But beware of this little-known substance: tyramine, an amino acid found in many foods, which makes the situation much worse.

Migraine (web source)

On average, last year, every citizen took almost 2 doses of drugs a day which led Italians to spend a total of about 9 billion in 2021. In short, Covid has made the situation worse.

The migraine that afflicts citizens

In fact, prescriptions for antidepressants are growing, seeing an increase of 2.4%. While in 2021 spending on drugs and vaccines for Covid was 2.3 billion. This is the picture that emerges from the OsMed Report “The use of drugs in Italy”. Six out of 10 citizens have received at least one prescription, but those over the age of 64 absorb 70% of the cost. Consumption is stable for all medicines for chronic diseases

2021 also sees a 13% increase in chronic migraine drugs after the introduction of monoclonal antibodies. In fact, many citizens suffer from migraines. In these days of record heat it cannot be done without, but excessive use of air conditioning and continuous changes in temperature often lead to various muscle pains and, in particular, stiff neck. It is therefore sufficient to enter a heated room with the fan on, because the sudden cooling of the muscle causes its contraction, sometimes prolonged.

Prevention is always better than cure, also because the pounding headache is lurking in these situations. The link with the conditioner persists, but the physiological reasons change: migraine and tension-type headache do not depend on the degree of muscle contraction. It passes through the sutures of the bones of the skull, where thin nerve threads emerge attributable to the trigeminal, a phenomenon similar to the passage of blades of grass through the road surface.

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It is therefore advisable for predisposed subjects to wear a soft and light hat both when they are exposed to intense heat and when they stay in the cool of the air conditioning. But not only. The suggestion is to avoid these foods, which can aggravate the situation.

Foods that make migraines worse

In short, we can defend ourselves with a lifestyle and with drugs. And on this last point we always advise you to rely on specialists. But we can also defend ourselves with food. Foods that contain tyramine, in fact, can aggravate the situation. Tyramine is an amine derived from the amino acid tyrosine, by decarboxylation catalyzed by the enzyme tyrosine decarboxylase. It is a substituted phenylethylamine.

Tyramine is present for example in yeast extract, but also in dairy products. We therefore advise against cheddar, but also Emmenthal. A smaller quantity, however, is present in pecorino and parmesan. Important quantities also in red meat fish, such as mackerel, tuna and sardine. If you have frequent headaches then, it is better to avoid milk and white chocolate.

Tyramine is contained in dairy products (web source)
Tyramine is contained in dairy products (web source)

Lastly, fruits such as avocados, plums, figs, nuts and grapes are rich in tyramine. In the end, the most obvious advice: it is clear that if you suffer from headaches, alcohol doesn’t help in the slightest.

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