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fool for Elodie, Emilia-Romagna tributes

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fool for Elodie, Emilia-Romagna tributes

A great love forEmilia Romagna is the one that brought together artists from all over Italy and as many as 4 conductors – Amadeus, Alessia Marcuzzi, Giorgio Panariello and Francesca Fagnani (Beasts) – ready to involve the public present at the Campovolo Arena in Reggio Emilia with a concert-event entitled Italia Loves Romagnaaired on Rai 1 and aimed at raise funds to support the areas affected by the floods of last May.

Many personalities involved in single performances and duets of a certain thickness, and among these they stand out Sugarthe one who opened the evening after being introduced by Amadeus; Laura Pausiniwho didn’t fail to talk about his homeland and to get so emotional that he cried during his speech; Ligabueregular guest of the Arena, Gianni Morandi with his immense masterpiece, One in a thousandand the song with which he presented himself in Sanremo in 2022; Andrea Bocelli, whose vocal strength is always surprising; it’s still Elisa, Giorgia, Elodie, Emma, ​​Madame, Negramaro, Max Pezzali, Salmo, Irama and Rkomi, Tananai, Blanco and the mythical Fiorella Mannoia, always on the piece and able to improvise. Great voices for an evening dedicated to lightness and the history of Italian music.

I top

A big yes goes to Laura Pausiniwho entered the scene singing a capella My Romagna, a song that has now become the symbol of fundraising and has been sung several times by well-known personalities in recent weeks. But with her, who grew up in those areas, the song acquires a completely different value, the truest. When the singer then gave way to the voice of the audience in the middle of the chorus, the performance became pure magic, with all the people caught on camera showing their love for the region. Immediately after that moment, Pausini was moved: “If you live in Romagna, you know that a very hard part begins in which we really have to return to our homes, and not everyone can do it. I can’t give much but I want to be present. I was born here, and I have the courage you gave me to travel the world because I’m from Romagna, because you gotta get your ass! And when you have a chance, you have to go and take it!

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Andrea Bocelli performed alongside Sugar in To pity, giving life to a performance as static as it is majestic. Even his words dedicated to Emilia-Romagna did not leave people indifferent. In fact, the tenor recounted the period he lived first in Reggio Emilia and then in Bologna – a good 6 years – to then explain what he learned thanks to the people of Romagna: “I lived six years of my childhood in this region: five years here, in Reggio Emilia, one year in Bologna, and I also learned the dialect. I could speak it and understood it very well. But above all, I learned many important things from this people: the will, the industriousness, the spirit of collaboration, the strength and the courage to face the most difficult situations. I really wanted to be here because I’m here with my heart. Thank you“. A moment, this, that deserves a place among the best.

He gave him another top moment Gianni Morandialways active, fresh and energetic like a kid, so much so that at the end of the evening, after conquering the stage with One in a thousand, Open all doors e Vita (with the latter we wanted to pay homage to Lucio Dalla), he thought it best to improvise and sing his famous song There was a boy, very topical especially in this period. Well Fiorella Mannoia and the conductor Leonardo De Amicis who followed the creator of improvisation, a little less Elodie.

A special mention then goes to Sugar, one of the few certainties of the concert, with that still alive voice that brought the whole Arena to stand up and scream at the top of their lungs; to Elisawho made herself loved with the interpretation of Also fragile and The obstacles of the heart, together with duets with Giorgia and Ligabue; it’s at Max Pezzali, showing himself really excited performing on stage next to Ligabue. The two embraced and left the scene side by side, wishing everyone good night and giving the spectators another very sweet moment.

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I flop

Certainly there conduction at 4 did not bring the desired results. Amadeus, Alessia Marcuzzi, Giorgio Panariello and Francesca Fagnani passed the baton during the event, but perhaps it was better to focus on a presentation more compact, less prone to difficultylike those encountered at the end of the episode by Fagnani, not very convincing in the role.

Also Elodie That does not know the words of the song There was a boy, which has now entered the history of music, has left us somewhat perplexed. She tried to act on stage by leveraging sensual movements, but the fool was now done and right in front of Gianni Morandi and the over 40,000 people present at the event. The singer, flanked by the interpreter of the song and by Mannoia, sang Vita in the best of ways – the text was in the lineup and therefore they had rehearsed it – but then Morandi has improvised the song mentioned and Elodie panicked, showing an expression on her face that will remain in the memory of the most, also thanks to the memes that are already circulating online. Thankfully previous performances have not disappointed at all.

Finally, another live gaffe was that of Giuliano Sangiorgisinger of Negramaro, who to entertain people shouted: “Let all the love be felt at Marche and at home too!“. Too bad the concert was for Emilia-Romagna… Beyond what has been said, it is good to specify that at the end of May the state of emergency had also been extended to some municipalities in the Marche region, so his words were not of the all wrong, even if the evening, as stated several times by artists and conductors, was mainly dedicated to the region where the concert was held.

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