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Football on TV will cost more, which package to buy? All combinations

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Football on TV will cost more, which package to buy?  All combinations

In this new season, football on TV will cost more, but at least it will be more comfortable. The first (bad) news is the result of the new policies of Dazn, which holds the entire series A, but also of the increases in Tim Vision and Amazon Prime; the second derives from the new agreement between this company and Sky, thanks to which it becomes possible to watch the Dazn matches also on the Sky satellite. Without any internet network problems and without having to worry about changing the platform and technology to see the various games held by the different managers.

Which football where: how to orient yourself

More comfortable, in fact. Without exaggerating, however, because also this year football on TV is the usual stew of rights. All Serie A is on Dazn. On Sky there are three Serie A matches a week, plus all the Champions League matches, all the matches of the Italians in the Europa League and Conference League (the rest of the Sky offer on other sports is more certain). There are no matches on Dazn, so be careful, it’s not over: on Amazon Prime there is also an exclusive Champions League match, with an Italian team, every Wednesday. As the word says, exclusive means that we will not find it either on Sky or on Dazn. Finally, on Infinity + there is only the Champions League (except, as for Sky, the Amazon exclusive) .The choice of which (and how many) services to take depends on which (and how much) football we are interested in seeing.

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Team Vision and Dozen

At present, probably the cheapest choice is still that of Tim Vision Calcio e Sport, at 24.99 euros for six months and then 29.99 euros. Note that for a long time it was at 19.99 for a year. The rise in prices is recent. Inside is Dazn, the Champions of Infinity + (and also its films and TV series) .Do we just want Dazn? It costs 29.99 euros a month and has only Serie A. Last year it cost 19.99 euros a month. An increase. And that’s not the only downside. Dazn now limits the ability to share the pass between different households. Those who want to do so must pay 39.99 euros (on two devices of two different networks). The Tim offer allows this sharing, until October 31 (after who knows).

Sky e Now

Do we need three Serie A games a week or do we have ultra-broadband coverage problems? Then Sky Tv + Sky Calcio is for us, at 14.90 euros per month for 18 months (after. 30 euros). We must add Sky Sport (for a total promotion of 30.90 euros per month) to also have the Champions and other international matches, as mentioned.An alternative is Now (Sky on ultra-broadband streaming): in 14.90 euro per month there are not only the three games but also the cups.

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Sky plus Dazn

If we want all the Serie A and the Sky cups we have to take both subscriptions, with the advantage of being able to see everything on satellite, on channel 214 (and following in the case of subscription matches). Activating it costs 5 euros a month, we could only pay this fee plus the cost of Dazn and the basic package of Sky for the advantage of watching Serie A (without the cups) on satellite instead of streaming. cups, we could pay Infinity Plus for 7.99 euros per month.

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