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for 12-18 year olds free access to the hubs from 16 August

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August 12, 2021 16:02

Gives Monday 16 August August the age group 12-18 years will be able to get vaccinated even without a reservation. This is what was indicated by General Figliuolo, extraordinary commissioner for the emergency, in a letter sent to the Regions and the Autonomous Provinces, to give further impetus to the vaccination of the youngest, in anticipation of the reopening of schools and also of the start of the next season. sporty. From next Monday, therefore, young people between 12 and 18 years of age will be able to go without prior reservation to the hubs of territorial reference, to request the administration of the first dose vaccine, with a health card and accompanied, as minors, by a parent (with proxy) or by the guardian / custodian.

“Young people are giving a great example of responsibility and predisposition towards vaccination, consequently expressing a stimulating function towards even the most mature ages, who had remained a little further behind on this front – comments the president of the Tuscany Region Eugenio Giani – it is right, therefore, to facilitate them and allow them to request the administration of the vaccine even without a reservation, before the start of the school year, while I’m still on vacation. Getting vaccinated is currently the only tool we have, to protect our health, and that of others, from the dangers of Covid. If free access to the hubs can further encourage their vaccination, so be it, even if this requires us to have a greater organizational effort “.

In Tuscany, which moved in advance on this front, vaccination for the very young is offered at the same time by the pediatricians of free choice (already operational following the agreement signed with the Region last week), by health authorities in hub, dai general practitioners (starting August 17 following the agreement signed yesterday with the trade unions Fmmg, Snami and Smi) and also through the recent initiative of ‘Young people are vaccinating on the beach‘, which allows, for the whole month of August along the Tuscan coast, the presence of a camper, adequately equipped, offered by various donors (Toscandia spa, Vangi, Orion, Confartigianato Firenze, Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze Foundation).


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