Home Health For an iron health during the winter we plant this spice in the balcony or garden

For an iron health during the winter we plant this spice in the balcony or garden

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Even when summer ends, not all nature rests. Indeed, there are some plants that are good to plant at the end of the heat, because they are born in the middle of winter. One of these is saffron. This spice is, inexplicably, less and less cultivated in Italy. The regions where considerable cultivation still exists are Abruzzo, Sardinia, Umbria and Tuscany. Yet, each of us can have our own little saffron cultivation at home, without inhuman efforts.

The benefits are substantial. Saffron, in addition to being very valuable, also has valuable beneficial effects on our body. For an iron health during the winter we plant this spice in the balcony or garden. We will see it bloom in December, when we can make the most of all its beneficial properties.

How and where to grow saffron

We can grow saffron either by burying the bulbs in the garden or in pots. It is a plant that needs some precautions, which we are now going to list.

For the cultivation in the vegetable garden, we reserve a small flowerbed for the bulbs. The bulbs should be planted at least 5 centimeters from each other and 20 centimeters deep. It is important that the soil in which we plant them is not clayey. If we arrange the bulbs in several rows, it would be good to distance them from each other by at least half a meter (space permitting).

For the cultivation in pots, however, although the space is less, we always try to keep the distance of 5 centimeters between one bulb and another. For the depth, we can also go up to ten centimeters. One thing to absolutely avoid is that there is stagnant water in the saucer, so let’s take the trouble to empty them every day. In any case, saffron needs little water but a lot of light. The end of August or the beginning of September are the best times for planting. By following these indications, in December we will be able to collect it.

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For an iron health during the winter we plant this spice in the balcony or garden

Saffron carries out a fervent biological activity within our organism. Perhaps it is no coincidence that it flourishes precisely at the moment when our immune defenses are most defenseless. First of all, it is an excellent natural digestive, which stimulates the gastric juices.

Also, in oriental medicine, saffron is used as a remedy for fever, bronchitis, sore throats and headaches. It is also a widely used remedy in homeopathy, especially for epistaxis and dysmenorrhea. It can be taken as a condiment for pasta and risotto, but also in the form of herbal tea.

However, saffron, especially if consumed in large quantities, has contraindications and could interfere with the intake of some drugs. Therefore it is recommended to consult your GP, who will be able to advise us if and how much to consume.


Few people know that this widespread aromatic plant is the worst enemy of colon cancer.

(We remind you to carefully read the warnings regarding this article, which can be consulted WHO”)

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