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For King Charles also alternative and holistic treatments

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For King Charles also alternative and holistic treatments

The King’s Alternative Battle: Cancer Treatment with Homeopathy

After a diagnosis of “treatable” cancer, King Charles of Britain has begun a cycle of “regular treatments.” His new doctor, Michael Dixon, is an expert in alternative, homeopathic, and holistic therapies. This has sparked speculation about the King’s actual condition, with many wondering about the wisdom of Dixon’s practice.

Dixon was personally chosen by the King two months ago to oversee the health of the royals and coordinate the team of experts at Buckingham Palace. The 71-year-old doctor is known for his controversial beliefs in homeopathy and alternative therapies such as aromatherapy and reflexology.

This aligns with King Charles’ own fondness for complementary medicine. In 1987, he opened the Hale Clinic in London, specializing in alternative therapies. He has expressed support for the Gerson therapy and has advocated for the study of its “beneficial nature.”

Dixon has accompanied King Charles on recent trips and has a long history within the NHS, where he has cultivated his expertise in alternative medicine. He has received numerous honors, including the Medal of the Order for Service to the British Empire, but he remains a divisive figure.

In conjunction with his appointment, Buckingham Palace issued a statement in which Dixon’s stance on homeopathy was clarified – that it cannot cure cancer. The belief is that complementary therapies can complement conventional treatments, provided they are safe, appropriate, and based on evidence of effectiveness.

As reported by Cancer Research UK, many patients in the country resort to complementary therapies to alleviate the side effects of treatments and improve their quality of life. Aromatherapy, acupuncture, herbal medicine, massage therapy, and yoga are among the most common examples.

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The appointment of Dixon and King Charles’ affinity for alternative medicine have raised questions and divided opinions. As the King continues his battle with cancer, it remains to be seen how effective these treatments will be in his case.

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