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For those looking for a job, Italian Tech Academy is a door to the future

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For those looking for a job, Italian Tech Academy is a door to the future

“Upgrade your future”, improve your future. In a world that changes at the speed of light, increasingly digitalof course you can’t stand still, especially in the world of work.

Just to acquire new skills – digital, in fact – and to update those already in possession, the Italian Tech Academy of the Gedi Group and the Talent Garden. A school that looks to the future and intends to train professionals in great demand by companies. And which, however, are in short supply.

“Demand is far greater than supply and universities alone cannot bridge this gap,” he explains Davide Dattoli, co-founder of Talent Garden, one of the most important European operators in digital education. The Italian Tech Academy aims precisely at this: to shape the innovators who will lead the digital transformation.


Italian Tech Academy is born. Italy’s challenge for digital skills

Archangel Rociola

Three masters from the school will start next September. The first, full time, is the Coding Bootcamp for those who dream of becoming a programmer, a course for young people at the beginning of their career. The other two, part-time, are instead designed for those who have a job and want (or must) update their skills: Content Science Master teaches strategies to emerge in the age of content marketing, while the Digital Sustainable Management Master offers a path on methods, strategies and measurement of sustainability.

“Today, every company needs a sustainability manager – says Dattoli -. Sustainability and digital they are connected because technology allows us to map, and therefore to optimize, our impact on the environment: from emissions to energy consumption. We are talking about a sector in which making a career is much easier because it often involves very transversal roles, on which companies are building their know-how “.

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All three i master della Italian Tech Academy they provide for online attendance and only on two occasions (each time for the duration of a weekend) will the courses be held in person, at the Talent Garden in Turin. Remote lessons are combined with the needs of those who study or work in the rest of Italy. Or of those who simply do not want to leave their city. “On the other hand, we are talking about courses that will train agile workers, with an above average pay and with the possibility of working wherever they want,” says Dattoli.

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The Talent Garden experience, in some way, certifies it: “Now even international companies are starting to call our students – adds Dattoli – and they are given the opportunity to work while continuing to live in Italy”. Even the teachers of the Italian Tech Academy, directed by Riccardo Lunaare a guarantee: exceptional managers, Gedi journalists, Talent Garden professionals.


First you find work, then you pay for the course. The Talent Garden project (also for It Academy)

by Arcangelo Rociola

Subscribers are offered an extraordinary opportunity: that of pay for the course only after finding a job (promo valid only for the Cooding Bootcamp). “And 98% of our students are usually hired by the end of the course,” says Dattoli.

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