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Ford lands on eBay: a shop has opened with the blue oval mark

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Other than metaverse: Ford goes to the concrete and lands with its own shop on eBay where customers can order original accessories and book any optional. We are talking about a platform that – only in the category of spare parts and accessories for cars and motorcycles – sells an item every 5 seconds … This obviously does not replace the network of FordPartner service centers, but adds to the traditional purchase channel available to customers of the ‘Blue Oval.

Certainly the 6.5 million active buyers in Italy on eBay are an important basin for Ford, but it must also be said that Ebay itself is enriched with a selection of over 450 accessories ranging from transport systems, such as bicycle racks and luggage racks. roof, alloy wheels, from infotainment systems to wall-box charging stations for plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles.

On the other hand, there is a lot of talk about the digitization of processes and services. And given the success of ecommerce globally (+ 58% year on year) and Italy (+ 78%) with the eBay store we are (very) close to customer needs.


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