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Former Aura of via del Commercio in Nervi

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Former Aura of via del Commercio in Nervi

When an ‘eco monster’ is about to disappear it can only be good news. But the price to pay for the inhabitants of the neighborhood is the appearance of more concrete. There will also be public green areas surrounding the two buildings, already renamed ‘towers’, but the cost of the operation will be covered with the sale of the new apartments.

At least in this way the situation is unlocked, but one wonders what need there is for other real estate units in a city that continues to lose inhabitants and where house prices have been plummeting for at least ten years (if supply exceeds demand, it happens this).

Today’s news is that the Services Conference has given the green light to the redevelopment of the former Aura building complex in via del Commercio in Nervi, which has been in a state of neglect and decay for about thirty years.

The environmental redevelopment project of the former factory was developed on behalf of Roseto srl, a real estate management company, and by the Obr architecture studio of Paolo Brescia and Tommaso Principi. The planning process was followed in particular by the Urban Planning sector of the Municipality of Genoa and the Municipality of the Levant, with the sharing of the Superintendency of Archeology, Fine Arts and Landscape for the Metropolitan City of Genoa.

The former factory is located in an area subject to an excavation, carried out immediately after the war, of the mountainous side, which naturally sloped down towards the Nervi stream. The area was cleared of the asbestos present inside the industrial buildings and the areas of the olive grove in an evident state of neglect were cleaned.

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In the final project, the area of ​​the old factory becomes a new urban center, with public and private functions, a gym and new residences. The construction of a roof garden is also planned, which will cover the semi-underground gymnasium, which can accommodate an audience of up to 150 spectators.

The project also includes the redevelopment of via del Commercio with the creation of a new square in front of the gym, in addition to the reorganization of the natural slope with the cleaning of the existing strips of the olive grove, which will become a new park for public use of about five thousand square meters. .

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