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Former military hospital towards recovery: will host the medical degree course in English

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An investment in the present, thanks to the implementation of an important urban redevelopment project, but also an investment in the future, with the establishment of the master’s degree course in Medicine and Surgery in English, to offer girls and boys a high-level path training in a fundamental sector such as healthcare.

An agreement was reached for the concession of the former military hospital of Piacenza, thanks to the memorandum of understanding – now signed by the signatories – between the ministry of defense, the Emilia Romagna Region, the Municipality of Piacenza, the Ausl di Piacenza and the University of Parma on its recovery and enhancement.

The defense minister signed the agreement Lorenzo Guerini, the president of the Region Stefano Bonaccini, the mayor of Piacenza Patrizia Barbieri, the rector of the University of Parma Paolo Andrei and the general manager of the Piacenza Ausl Luca Baldino.

An institutional cooperation that will preserve the dual civil and military use of the viale Palmerio complex: 7,670 square meters of covered area, for a volume of about 80 thousand cubic meters, and an uncovered area of ​​15,500 square meters.

The protocol provides for an urban redevelopment project and recovery of the existing one, and therefore no new land consumption but regeneration and return to the city of a complex of great value. Here will be transferred the master’s degree course in Medicine and Surgery in English, established just this year: within 60 days of signing, the University of Parma will have to present the “project sheet” for the recovery of the complex which completed, it will host the single-cycle master’s degree course in Medicine And Surgery (Lm-41 Medicine and Surgery).

“The work of all these months done together with the territory and the Government is coming to an end – affirms Bonaccini -, in particular with Minister Guerini and with the support of Ministers Speranza and Gelmini, with whom in the visits made to Piacenza we were committed to the recovery of former military hospital in favor of the city and, more generally, on strengthening regional healthcare and university offerings. A work in close synergy with the municipal administration and the mayor Barbieri, and with all local institutions. Piacenza and its territory paid a very high price to the pandemic: we immediately shared the need to start again from here, with an investment with a strong symbolic meaning but also with multiple, positive, concrete repercussions. In this area we can count on very important knowledge and professionalism, which have given their best in the management of the health emergency, making a fundamental contribution to the fight against the virus: just think of the start of home care units, which were the first to start in the country. . We want to focus on innovation, training and even stronger healthcare, at the service of the whole community “.

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A technical table appointed by the signatories and coordinated by the Municipality of Piacenza, recipient of the concession by the Ministry, will take care of all the aspects necessary to achieve the objectives set in the Protocol, including the acquisition of information relating to cadastral aspects and historical constraints. artistic areas of the military area, the definition of technical solutions and administrative paths suitable for the achievement of shared strategic objectives, the verification of possible synergies between the needs of rationalization, enhancement, development and management of the structure.

“It is with immense satisfaction – underlines Barbieri – that we welcome the outcome of a demanding work, started in the middle of the pandemic and carried out in close collaboration with the Region, first and foremost with President Bonaccini, the Regional Council and Undersecretary Baruffi. The teamwork done with the Government, in particular with Minister Guerini and with the interest of Ministers Speranza and Gelmini, has come to fruition. This is the demonstration of that will and plan of growth of our city, through strong investments in research, health and the internationalization of our territory. In a short time, and always with the pandemic underway, thanks to a precious teamwork that also saw the Ausl as protagonist, we not only got to dismiss the variant of the new hospital, but with the Magnificent Rector of the University of Parma , Professor Andrei, we started the Master’s Degree Course in Medicine and Surgery in English. Through a synergistic work of the various actors, we have managed to obtain a very important result for a strategic project that will give impetus to our territory in terms of growth, research, development and innovation. This is an extraordinary, effective and decisive response for the future of our community and, in particular, of our young people ”.

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The institutional synergy with the University of Parma will then be strengthened, to which the spaces will be allocated once they have been recovered, through 360-degree initiatives in the field of training, teaching and research, to which subsequent program agreements will be dedicated. As well as the expansion and improvement of the university offer in the health sector, in agreement with the Municipality of Piacenza, both the collaboration between the Ducal University and the Local Health Unit of Piacenza will be promoted. Health training will also be aimed at the military, through specific dual training courses.

The Region, for its part, undertakes to submit the project for the regeneration and recovery of the buildings of the former military hospital to the tenders that the Government will dedicate to the purpose and, in any case, to allocate resources from its programming to this strategic investment. The Ausl, in agreement with the University of Parma, will support the training of future doctors who will then be able to operate in our regional health system, starting with the new Piacenza hospital already being designed.

“I am very satisfied that this process has come to fruition, thanks to a constant and productive discussion between the institutions involved at all levels – affirms the general manager Baldino-. The recovery of the former military hospital is a fundamental element for the evolution of the new degree course in Medicine and Surgery, which started in recent weeks. It is the ideal place to concentrate the classrooms, the student residence and the research laboratories: it has all the characteristics suitable for hosting a faculty of international scope, helping to give it prestige and a long-term vision. A demanding path awaits us, at the end of which we will have a prestigious property, adjacent to the city center, which allows us to further realize this already very ambitious project. The recovery of the building will be a decisive step to make the program agreed with the University of Parma even more attractive, which will fit perfectly into the university system of the city. We will have a significant impact on health care but also for the whole city, in terms of urban redevelopment and investment in the future ”.

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