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Former Prime Minister Conte in Legnano: “Lombard health restarts from territorial medicine”

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Former Prime Minister Conte in Legnano: “Lombard health restarts from territorial medicine”

It has arrived in Legnano an hour late, greeted by a group of loyal activists with whom he took the traditional group photo. L’ex premier Giuseppe Conte chose one Rsa – the Sant’Erasmo Foundation of via Ferraris – to pull the sprint to the candidates of the Upper Milanese del M5S at the regional Lombardy, running for Majorino President. After traveling on the Vigevano-Milan route to listen to the inconveniences of commuters, the pentastellato leader today, February 7, wanted to say «thanks to all who, at all levels, during the pandemic they worked in the trenches in a moment of particular vulnerability of our country».

Those same heroes who today want to escape from a healthcare system, the Lombard one, which struggles to stand between exhausting hours for the staff and inadequate treatments (here the letter from a nurse: «The staff are gradually abandoning the West Milanese Asst »). What, then, does Lombardy healthcare need? «Certainly we need to strengthen territorial medicine – replied Conte -: the “hospital-centric” health policy pursued in the last 28 years in this region has proved to be a failure. Territorial medicine allows us to provide more effective, punctual, targeted and personalized healthcare and healthcare services, and allows us not to overload the hospital structures which here in Lombardy mainly mean private structures. We we do not demonize the private sector, but if this means diverting public resources towards the private sector, we do not accept it. The private sector can make a contribution, but we must strengthen the public together with that local medicine which allows everyone to enjoy high standards. Let us remember that a patient admitted to hospital has higher costs: for many interventions, well-constructed, effective home assistance is sufficient, with the comfort of structures such as RSAs”.

Conte in Legnano

The honorable Conte met staff and patients of the RSA in Legnano, accompanied by president, Alberto Fedeli, by Stefania Pozzati and Marina Gusmeri of the Board, and by general manager of the structure, Livio Frigoli. With them also the mayor of Legnano, Lorenzo Radice and theformer deputy from Legnano, Riccardo Olgiati. Also present were the candidates running for the regional Pd (Charles Borghetti of Rho) and del M5S (Marco Zanzottera di Inveruno): “If elected, I will bring the issues of territorial health and transport to the Region – declared Zanzottera – giving voice to the requests of the committees I have always been close to”.

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be theex premier Conte that the outgoing vice president of the Lombardy Regional Council, Carlo Borghettithey have shared the document prepared in recent days by the Sant’Erasmo Foundation which highlighted the critical issues of the system that the next Lombard government will have to deal with right away.

The former Prime Minister spoke in particular with the representatives of the Foundation, discussing with them and trying to understand how the RSA can respond to the needs determined by the progressive aging of the population. Having read the document prepared by the Foundation, Conte received from the top management of Sant’Erasmo an exhaustive summary of the reasons that make fundamental not only the role of the RSA but of the entire network of services which will be able to increasingly provide differentiated responses to the elderly in the future, finally also sharing the need for public management of the network, not “public management”. The meeting ended with his commitment to follow the reform of non-self-sufficiency in Parliament.

Finally, the former prime minister also launched an appeal on basic income: «Donatella carries out useful work in this RSA, she is the concrete example of those who want to work: suffice it to say that income earners are couch potatoes»

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