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Former regional councilor Stefano Ferrero, ‘serious consequences from Covid vaccination’ – Valledaostaglocal.it

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After the second dose of Covid vaccine “my immune system had a disproportionate reaction making me return to the critical situation of four years ago with problems and the need to increase maintenance drugs. Why does no one talk about these effects? Why the” fragile ” “on the front line to be guinea pigs again with the risk of having very serious side effects?”.

Speaking is the former regional councilor of the M5S Stefano Ferrero, “inserted in the category of the ‘fragile’ – he explains – as a cancer patient and immunodepressed with drugs”. Ferrero had expressed some doubts about the need to get vaccinated (“even though I am not a priori against vaccinations” he specifies) but after a consultation with his doctor he had chosen to trust.

“Now we are at the compulsory Green Pass – he underlines – translated as compulsory vaccination, and at the third dose to the category of the so-called ‘fragile’. I don’t want to sign that paper again that says that if I have problems it will all be my cabbage. Yes, because the vaccination is mine. it created a huge problem as it created it for thousands of other people in my condition “.

And again: “If I had known that the price to pay after vaccination was to return to the situation of lousy post-transplant quality of life after years of struggle and sacrifices, I would have liked to have my sacrosanct democratic right to risk and I would not have made the vaccine (with the necessary precautionary measures against others and some waivers on my part, of course) “.

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Like Ferrero, other Valle d’Aosta people who ended up in hospital after the administration of the Covid vaccine were also discharged on the basis of diagnostic tests that directly link the vaccination to the onset of their health problems.

“After 24 hours from the administration of the vaccine I was struck by a myocarditis from which I do not know how and when I will get out – admits a woman from the lower Valley, mother of two children with disabilities – before confirming that this disease was caused by a reaction to the vaccine. Covid doctors have carried out a series of in-depth examinations, but the final outcome has given no doubts. What I do not understand is that I have never suffered from heart disease before. ”


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