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Fortnite will return to iPhones, thanks to Nvidia’s platform

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With the cause that pits Apple against Epic Games still pending, despite a first instance sentence last September which was followed by appeals from both parties, Fortnite is preparing to return anyway your iOS.

Obviously not like it used to be, since Apple will ban the App Store to the game-platform of the North Carolina development house until the end of the appeals process. And on the other hand Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic, absolutely does not think of being satisfied with redirecting users with a link: he claims, the standard bearer of a bloody and paradigmatic system battle, a complete and functioning proprietary payment channel within the game . Everything is therefore stopped pending the second degree of judgment.

Ma the most played game ever, at least in statistical terms (data from Game.co.uk), today arrived at week 6 of the first season of Chapter 3, it will return to iOS and Android (where in reality it is already available on the Galaxy Store and via Apk) through an agreement with Nvidia. The title will come, initially in a closed beta and then for everyone, on GeForce Now, the cloud-based streaming games platform of the graphics card group, on which you can play in real time from computers, Shield TVs, iPhones, iPads and Android devices. And therefore the blockade, aggravated by the long judicial affair whose end is not in sight, it could for now be bypassed, passing from a third platform. Which is precisely GeForce Now.

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How to play Fortnite on iPhones
It is currently unclear whether the version of Fortnite available will be the same as that for mobile or if it will be a modified release of that computer and adapted to smartphones, but that goes beyond what is already available on the Nvidia platform. That is precisely Fortnite for computers, therefore without the optimization for touch screen controls and playable with a controller or mouse and keyboard. The fact is that the test will start during the third week of January and it is possible to register your GeForce Now account, even without having activated a subscription, to get on the list and hope to be selected. The beta phase will serve as always to identify problems and finalize a version for general release, which will be accessible via browser, a bit like it happens with Xbox Cloud Gaming and Google Stadia.

This is because already from November 2020 (when Fortnite had already been removed from the App Store for over two months) Nvidia had introduced integration with Safari, thus allowing the entire GeForce Now game library to also land on iOS devices. And already at the time he had announced the beta version of the flagship title of Epic for which accessions are now open and the lucky selected will be admitted from the end of the month. However, it is not easy to establish When Fortnite it will be concretely available to everyone, but certainly by spring 2022. The Android version will instead run on the service app.


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