Home Health Four new West Nile clusters in town, immediate pest control is triggered

Four new West Nile clusters in town, immediate pest control is triggered

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Four new West Nile clusters in town, immediate pest control is triggered

A new order signed by the mayor of Padua Sergio Giordani relating to disinfestations for other detected cases of West Nile infection was published this afternoon, Tuesday 9 August.


There are 4 outbreaks detected in Padua, precisely in Via Filangeri alla Guizza, Viale Cavallotti and Via Fratelli Bandiera in the Bassanello area and Viale San Giovanni Bosco alla Mandria. Tomorrow, Wednesday 10 August, starting from 11.50 pm until 4 am the following day, the adulticide treatments provided for by the Ulss 6 Euganea protocol will be carried out. The councilor for the environment Andrea Ragona underlines: “The disinfestation against the West Nile continues: on the night between 10 and 11 August from 11.50 pm to 4 am we will intervene in concert with the Ulss within a radius of two hundred meters from the place where the infection was found in Viale Cavallotti, Via Fratelli Bandiera, Viale San Giovanni Bosco and Via Filangieri. It is important to remember that these are exceptional interventions that involve certain precautions such as keeping the windows closed during the intervention and keeping pets indoors. So far in Padua we have had a total of 14 confirmed cases: it is a low density compared to other clusters in the province, but this should not make us let our guard down. We continue with the ordinary and extraordinary disinfestation when requested by the Ulss, with the administration of larvicide tablets and with the distribution of repellents in the events organized by the municipality. The use of repellent remains the first defense against mosquito bites. Unfortunately West Nile is a disease that has become endemic and although in most cases it does not give symptoms (80% according to the WHO) or gives mild symptoms, it can be dangerous for weak subjects. Finally, we remind you that the mosquito responsible for the West Nile is the common mosquito, the one that bites from evening to dawn and that the adulticide disinfestation takes place upon indication by the health authorities “.

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