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Four years after bad weather uncovered the gym and building of Piadena

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Four years after bad weather uncovered the gym and building of Piadena

It seemed to be able to pass without damage, or in any case with limited damage compared to what happened in Cremona city (where the impressive images shot in these minutes show roofs and plants crashed to the ground due to a whirlwind), but the bad weather did not spare not even Casalasco. Although only partially lapped by the fury of the wind and rain, the area south of the province was nevertheless affected, in particular in Piadena Drizzona.

In the locality of Drizzona, a tree has fallen to the ground, in the municipal cemetery area, preventing the passage of cars on the roadway. But the real symbol of what happened is the building of Piadena Drizzona, which for the umpteenth time saw its roof “blown” due to the violent wind. A very similar episode occurred on 10 August 2018, again due to a very strong evening disturbance: in that case it was the building itself that was uncovered, this time it was the volleyball tensile structure. But part of the insulating glass wool was also “torn” from the roof of the building.

Other reports of damage come from other areas of the Oglio Po district: in Bozzolo, for example, two trees fell in the street, in via Ardigò and on via Giuseppina. This last road is very busy and, not far from the Tezzoglio level crossing, the intervention of a farmer was necessary, Vincenzo Compagnoni and a volunteer, together with the mayor Giuseppe Pressto remove the plant and restore the possibility of passage as soon as possible.

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Also in Rivarolo del Re the mayor Luca Zanichelli speaks of “disasters everywhere”: in particular the Civil Protection and the Eagles with their volunteers have cleared the road to the cemetery from a large tree fallen due to the wind, which also dragged some electricity and telephone poles with it. “They looked like skittles, it was impressive,” said the mayor of Rivarolo.

In the photo one of the fallen trees in Rivarolo del Re

In Motta Baluffi, if the problem linked to bad weather was not enough, the intervention of the Fire Brigade was also necessary to put out a fire (the “usual” fire) on board the provincial road. “Meanwhile, the plant that fell on the roadway along the Provincial Sp85 has been removed and no other damage is found along the roads” explained the mayor Matteo Carraraadding that the light goes to fits and starts.

In the photo a fallen tree in Motta Baluffi

Electricity is being restored in Martignana di Po and Gussola as well, or at least these are the municipalities from which the reports are currently coming, but it is not excluded that the problem is obviously more widespread and extended to other countries.

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