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«Fragile people protect themselves»

Pandemic Danger Looms as Vaccine Numbers Remain Low

The head of infectious disease specialists at Pordenone hospital, Massimo Crapis, has issued a warning about the current state of vaccination against Covid-19. He expressed concern that there is a significant lack of interest in getting vaccinated, which poses a real risk of vaccines purchased by the region expiring and being destroyed.

In the region, the number of infections is on the rise, with approximately 700 new cases per week. The occupancy of hospital beds for Covid patients has also increased by 20 percent, with some medical facilities facing a shortage of beds due to a combination of Covid and flu cases.

Doctor Lucio Bomben, head of the Aspho Prevention department, echoed Crapis’ concerns, emphasizing the importance of vaccination in preventing the spread of the virus. Despite the availability and effectiveness of vaccines, there has been reluctance among the population to get vaccinated.

The infectious disease specialist stressed that Covid should not be trivialized and likened to a common flu, as it has a significantly higher morbidity rate. He emphasized the importance of vaccinating high-risk groups, such as the elderly, immunosuppressed individuals, and cancer patients.

While masks have become less common in public spaces, the circulation of the virus remains high, particularly in closed and crowded areas. The recommendation from the national level is to strengthen vaccination efforts and prioritize vaccinations for those at risk.

In addition to the challenges posed by Covid, the influenza virus has also started to spread, with an increase in cases as temperatures drop. Despite this, the efforts of general practitioners have led to a steady increase in the number of people vaccinated against the flu.

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The warning from healthcare professionals is clear: the threat of Covid and influenza remains significant, and it is crucial for the population to take preventive measures, including vaccination, to protect against these diseases.

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