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Free cardiological visits: from 12 February to 18 February the prevention initiative

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Free cardiological visits: from 12 February to 18 February the prevention initiative

Six hundred cardiologists available to answer doubts and questions about heart health. And then free cardiological visits. All this is expected from 12 to 18 February 2024, as part of the eighteenth edition of Open Cardiologies. An initiative organized by the Foundation for Your Heart and the National Association of Hospital Cardiologists (Anmco).

The toll-free number and participating hospitals

During the week the Foundation will activate the toll-free number 800 05 22 33dedicated to citizens, who will be able to call for free, every day from 10am to 12pm and from 2pm to 4pm, to ask questions about problems related to heart disease. Doubts will be dispelled by the association’s cardiologists, for a total of 1,300 hours of free cardiological consultancy. Part of the initiative will also take place physically, in participating cardiologies, where tests will be performed free personalized cardiological visits and/or debates and training events on various topics:

Monday 12 February: atrial fibrillation; Tuesday 13 February: cardioncologia and gender cardio-oncology; Wednesday 14 February: gender cardiology; Thursday 15 February: heart failure; Friday 16 February: prevention of risk factors editable.

To find out about all the activities of the Foundation for Your Heart and the list of cardiologies participating in the campaign, you can consult this site. The initiative will also be active on social media with the hashtag #cardiologieaperte2024.

Cardiovascular diseases: women are more affected

The objective is to raise awareness among citizens and prevent some of the most widespread cardiovascular diseases, leading cause of death in the world and also in Italy, despite the great progress achieved in recent decades in diagnosis and treatment. According to data reported by the Ministry of Health, heart diseases are responsible for 34.8% of all deaths (31.7% in males and 37.7% in females). In particular, according to ISTAT 2018 data, the cardiopatia ischemica it is responsible for 9.9% of all deaths, while cerebrovascular accidents account for 8.8%, in both cases with a higher incidence among women.

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This is because until menopause the female sex it is protected by the action of hormones. While later comes affected by cardiovascular events more and more severely than men. Furthermore, heart diseases often manifest themselves with a less evident clinical picture: many times the pain is absent, is localized in another location or is confused with that resulting from other pathologies. For this reason, women generally go to hospital later than men.

Heart health: modifiable risk factors

«The risk that each person has of developing cardiovascular disease depends on the extent of the risk factors. But There is no level at which the risk is zero since there are non-modifiable risk factors represented by age, family history and sex” explains Domenico Gabrielli, president of the Foundation for Your Heart and director of cardiology at the San Camillo Hospital in Rome.

«However, there are modifiable risk factors on which it is possible to intervene, considerably reducing the risk, thanks to a healthy lifestyle, correct nutrition and appropriate pharmacological correction where necessary». The risk factors that can be modified, reducing the possible onset of pathologies, concludes the expert, are for example «arterial hypertension, diabetes mellitus, dyslipidemia, smoking, obesity and sedentary lifestyle”.

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