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free checks and screening in the square

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free checks and screening in the square

Rotary Club Perugia and Afas take the field for the prevention of liver disease with a day that wants to involve as many citizens as possible.

In detail, the Rotary Club Perugia, the international association of entrepreneurs and professionals who provide humanitarian service, who encourage respect for high ethical principles in the exercise of each profession and who are committed to building a world of friendship and peace, in collaboration with Afas, which has always been at the forefront of prevention, has organized for Saturday 1 October, a day dedicated to free liver control with a great novelty, namely the possibility of having a hepatitis C check-up.

The appointment is set from 9.30 to 18.30, in Piazza Matteotti, in Perugia, where the medical specialists Dr. Attilio Solinas and dr. Fabio Chistolini will make every citizen a liver check with ultrasound with the aim of prevention. It will also be possible to undergo screening for hepatitis C, carrying out a blood sample for anti-HCV antibodies.

“Prevention – explains Antonio D’Acunto, president of Afas – is one of the commitments in which Afas has always spent itself with dedication and perseverance. Collaborating with Rotary Club creates an opportunity for which citizens, who are our first referents, they can benefit in the hope that the importance of early diagnosis will increasingly be understood “.

“After a long period in which, due to Covid-19 – underlines the director of Afas Raimondo Cerquiglini – the current regulations did not allow us to carry out similar activities safely, we are particularly proud to be able to restart and re-propose these important campaigns to citizens. prevention. A commitment, this, particularly dear to Afas, which stands out for the all-round protection of public health, as sanctioned by our Statute “.

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“Rotary Perugia – says Andrea Pedetta, president of the Rotary Club Perugia – is continuing the initiatives undertaken last year with the district camper in which all citizens and for those who want liver ultrasound scans and the test for hepatitis C will be performed. At our side, in this initiative that we have decided to repeat given the success of the last edition, there will be Afas whom we thank for their support and collaboration “.

“The real novelty of this edition – explains Dr. Attilio Solinas – is that, in addition to the ultrasound of the liver and abdomen, which we will carry out to citizens who will voluntarily present themselves in Piazza Matteotti, we will also offer the opportunity to undergo the test for the ‘hepatitis C. As we all know by now, hepatitis C is transmitted due to a very subtle and silent virus which often, precisely because of these silent characteristics, those who have it do not know they have. Hence the importance of undergoing the test, through a prick on the finger, in a completely anonymous way. The test allows you to know if you are a carrier of the virus and in this way to prevent serious liver diseases through what is in fact an early diagnosis “.

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