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Free ECM FAD event (18 credits) “COPD in the era of globalization: the” past horizons “

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Health promotion has been theorized in every historical period. In 1986 the concept was codified with the signing of the “Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion” by the states adhering to the World Health Organization.

The document defines health promotion as “the process that enables people to increase control over their health and improve it”. Health is understood “as a resource for daily life and not the goal of living”. Responsibility for promoting health in health services shared between individuals, community groups, health professionals, health care institutions and governments.

The people involved should take as a guiding principle that at each stage of the design, implementation and evaluation of the health promotion activity men and women should become equal partners. The member states of the WHO, with the Ottawa Charter, have defined the ways in which to promote health. In Italy, legislation has undergone a significant evolution, generating a legal evolution which, starting from Law 241/1990, codified the methods for articulating communication both as a “Clinical Governance” tool and a means of dialogue with the citizen / user.

The training event, aimed at healthcare personnel and medical managers, aims to spread the theoretical principles of communication in the healthcare sector and to stimulate cultural growth on a topic of substantial usefulness with the aim of improving the management capacity of the transmission of skills and reduction of conflicts with citizens / users.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD and bronchial asthma in primis) is a frequent pathology, much more than it is diagnosed; in Europe the incidence of the disease, on the basis of the symptoms, is estimated at about 5% while the “pooled prevalence”, when the clinical diagnosis is integrated with the spirometric data, is close to 9%; on the other hand, the elderly are often labeled “COPD” for the sole fact of having a “certain age” and, therefore, a respiratory system that physiologically undergoes anatomical evolution that produces functional implications in an “obstructive” sense, or only for the having symptoms of “mucositis” of the airways in autumn / winter.

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The argument of certain diagnosis poses problems of great clinical, therapeutic and, obviously, appropriateness often not respected with consequent damage to patients for a treatment that can become inappropriate, if not harmful, if the pathology is not present or omitted in the case of the lack of diagnosis. Therefore the GP and the Continuity Care doctor, managers of the disease in the area, or the internist, who is called to provide care to co-morbid patients every day also due to the presence of COPD, or the cardiologist, given the very frequent presence of disease in heart patients, can benefit from the in-depth study of the arguments relating to the need to comply with the scientific need, which is incorporated in the legal obligations, of diagnostic / therapeutic appropriateness.

We find ourselves discussing elements that were horizons many past decades because problems still exist: communication, therefore understanding, therefore awareness and sharing of diagnostic / therapeutic strategies. We are late!

  • Know the basics of communication,
  • know the legislation on communication,
  • improve management techniques for the transmission of skills and conflict management.

The course is aimed at doctors and health personnel who will attend lectures held by experts in the subject and / or who daily deal with the problem of managing the OU and relations with the public.

Event open to doctors and nurses, from 01-09-2021 to 31-12-2021. Fad Credits Ecm 18.0.

To subscribe click on the following link: https://ecm-lingomed.it/event/197/subscribe

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