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Frog logo on food, let’s clarify

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Frog logo on food, let’s clarify

The Frog Logo on Food Products Explained: Not Insect Flour, But Eco-Sustainability

The presence of the frog logo on various food products has sparked doubts and controversies among consumers. Many have speculated that the logo signifies the use of insect flour in food production, however, this theory has been debunked. The brand bearing the frog logo is actually linked to the Rainforest Alliance certification, a non-governmental organization dedicated to conserving biodiversity and promoting sustainable living conditions.

The Rainforest Alliance certification is given to products that reflect eco-sustainability, such as those derived from eco-sustainable agriculture and that do not cause environmental harm. This certification also ensures product traceability and safety. Therefore, the frog logo does not indicate the use of insect flour, which is actually permitted for human food production in the European Union.

The frog logo was chosen over 30 years ago by the Rainforest Alliance because frogs are considered bioindicators. They are sensitive to changes in air and water quality, making them early indicators of environmental health. Frogs can be affected by pesticides in an ecosystem, leading to deformities. The logo is mainly found on products from tropical forests, including cocoa, bananas, coffee, and cane sugar.

In conclusion, the frog logo on food products does not signify the use of insect flour, but rather represents eco-sustainability and a commitment to conserving biodiversity. Consumers can feel confident in choosing products with the frog logo, knowing that they have been produced in a way that benefits both the environment and society.

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