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From 1000 to 10 thousand, the impressive growth of sellers of fake Green Passes

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The action of the scammers who are selling it does not stop false vaccination certificates against the coronavirus. Far from it: according to Check Point Software, an Israeli company active in cybersecurity, there has been a sudden spike in these offers in the black market around the world, presumably due to circumvent the vaccination obligation introduced by the president of the United States, Joe Biden.

According to a recent one Check Point analysis, which Italian Tech was able to preview, the black market for fake Green Passes (to use the name by which they are known in Italy) has expanded and now involves 28 countries, of which 9 are entirely new: Austria, Brazil, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Portugal, Singapore , Thailand and United Arab Emirates.


How to get the Green Pass and how it worksCheckC19, the app for controls

by Emanuele Capone

Offers in 28 countries, tenfold the number of sellers
On August 10, Check Point had located it about 1000 sellers on Telegram (we had written here), has now found around 10,000 who claim to offer fake vaccination certificates. Prices normally range from $ 85 to $ 200 per certificate, but in the United States, right after Biden’s words, the cost has doubled, going from 100 to 200 dollars.

On Telegram, sellers of fake certificates organize themselves into groups: before Biden’s announcement there were groups with about 25,000 subscribers, now some even reach 300,000.

It also sells with bots
That’s not all, because Check Point has also identified a new sales technique for maximizing profits: using bots. It happens in Austria, where a Telegram bot creates fake certificates totally free of charge: it is sufficient to provide details and personal data (with all due respect to the protection of privacy) and a pdf file is shared with the people who have filled out the form for the fake certification. Oded Vanunu, responsabile del reparto Products Vulnerabilities Research di Check Point, he recalled that “we have studied the black market and services related to the coronavirus throughout the year: in January, it manifested itself mainly on the Dark Web and specific software was needed to access it; in the last 9 months, this trade has migrated to Telegram. “Which sellers like it because” it protects them with its anonymity, as well as its reach and its easy accessibility. “

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The numbers of the phenomenon

Fake Green Passes on Telegram: scammers grew by 257% in 5 months

by Emanuele Capone

From here, some recommendations common sense:

  • i Genuine health certificates are not sold on the Internet; anyone selling these documents online is doing it illegally and it is best to avoid contacting these sellers;
  • each country should manage internally a central repository of tests and vaccinated people, which must be shared securely between authorized entities;
  • all Green Passes and vaccination certificates should be managed e securely encrypted by official bodies relevant within each country, such as a QR Code that can be scanned for authentication purposes;
  • countries should cooperate and share information on this data and create a secure archive with cryptographic keys to allow people to have only legitimate certifications and to be able to identify false and counterfeit ones.


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