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from 30 June stop to special units, Veneto calls the general practitioners

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from 30 June stop to special units, Veneto calls the general practitioners

VENICE – In the space of three weeks the incidence of infections in Veneto has almost tripled. The summer blaze of Covid also burns at these latitudes, judging by the number of weekly infections recorded per hundred thousand inhabitants: 339 from 10 to 16 June, 623 from 17 to 23 June, 927.3 from 24 to 30 June, the day on which hospital occupancy rates rose to 7.9% in the non-critical area and 1.8% in the ICU. But on Thursday the possibility of using the special assistance continuity units expired, which for almost two and a half years represented one of the pillars on which territorial assistance is based, which is why the Region asked the Ulss to involve doctors of general medicine, sparking the ire of the Fimmg union.

The stop of the Usca on June 30 was ordered by a national decree of last March 24. Since then, the reform of the territorial health model has been approved, which also includes the establishment of the new Continuity of Care Units (Uca), but its implementation requires a regional planning act. Pending this provision, and “in relation to the worsening” of the epidemiological picture, just the day before yesterday a note addressed to the general managers of the health companies was sent out from the office of the regional health directorate. Mauro Bonin, deputy of the dg Luciano Flor, presented them with the opportunity to confer “self-employment positions – including coordinated and continuous collaboration – and freelance professionals, in addition to the ongoing care continuity positions or to be strengthened, to support local health activities to combat the pandemic ». In particular, there are two types of engagement. On the one hand, self-employment contracts for doctors (including former Usca), for “infection prevention and control activities, Covid health care and / or frail patients, vaccination activities, support for the management of outbreaks in Csa and / or corporate structures “, with a gross salary of 30 euros per hour (instead of the 40 previously paid to the members of the special units). On the other hand, extensions of the agreements already in progress with general practitioners, for “outpatient and home services in order to contribute to the continuity of care for the whole day”, with the economic treatment established by the national collective agreement .

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Maurizio Scassola, Fimmg regional secretary, is furious. “How is it possible that, in the very serious shortage of doctors, general medicine can take on additional activities?”, He asks, listing the additional services required of professionals: “Home visits to Covid-19 patients, home swabs, vaccinations for patients non-transportable, support in drive-through points, administration of antiviral drugs to subjects without caregivers, contact tracing activities in support of Sisp, reporting of eligibility and follow-up of patients on monoclonal therapy “. In a word: too much, according to the category, which accuses the Region of sending “doctors into disarray without having agreed on an organization of work” and complains “the absolute lack of planning and dialogue”, reserving the right to activate “all actions political, legal and communication “.

The regional councilor Manuela Lanzarin replies: «We have asked the Government in vain for reassurance on the continuation of the Usca, which had proved to be a valuable tool. Now the reform provides for the Uca and we have six months to define the interventions. In the meantime, we have foreseen these temporary measures, with recourse to freelance contracts. But we certainly do not want to exclude general practitioners from planning future territorial assistance: we will open the discussion tables with the representatives of the category. In the meantime, the letters to the trade unions for the indication of the names of those who will make up the regional technical committee have just started, with which we intend to maintain a constant dialogue ».

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