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From Banksy to Mourinho: here is the 2021 of social media according to Meta

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The last 18 months have brought even more people on the Net for the need to stay in touch, create community, share the important moments of one’s life and build spaces for discussion and comparison even in the professional sphere. From a favorite place to cultivate one’s relationships to an essential space to stay connected, communicate and share with your friends and contacts. But what has been talked about on Facebook and Instagram during 2021 in Italy? What were the most shared terms and the most used words by users? Meta tells us so, the company born with the rebranding of Facebook and appointed to manage a multi-service platform (from connectivity to education to artificial intelligence), identifying the words that have registered the greatest peaks of use in the last twelve months within the posts and comments on the two platforms.

The news between pandemics, cryptocurrencies and well-being

Considering the thematic area of ​​topicality, vaccines and the state of health emergency could certainly not be missing from the most commented topics. However, in the list of the most used words there are also terms that range well beyond the Covid problem and specifically we find bitcoin, artificial intelligence and hibernation. But not only. Many aspects related to health and well-being have aroused people’s interest on Facebook and Instagram and the most used terms have been pilates, vegetarianism, pole dance, breathing and psychotherapy.Gender identity and social issues The many debates that have characterized the political discussion and social as regards the theme of gender identity have naturally also had a manifestation on social networks and among the most posted and commented words of 2021 we find, not surprisingly, heterosexuality, gender identity, lesbianism, sexual orientation and transphobia. Other topics related to society as a whole that were very recurrent on Facebook and Instagram in 2021 were disabilities and human rights, divorce and genocide, in addition to femicides.

The green planet

The environmental issue has been confirmed as one of the most popular in the social universe compared to many points of observation. The online discussion focused mainly around words such as electric car and sustainable mobility, solar panels and energy saving. Especially in recent months, the major events linked to the climate emergency and the need to intervene to save our planet – from the Cop26 conference in Glasgow to Friday for Future to the ever-starring Greta Thunberg – have stimulated the debate (also very heated) on the Net. Around the theme “earth” the most typed and displayed words on PCs, tablets and mobile phones were (in alphabetical order) biodiversity, climate, dolphins and sea level.

Art, sport and free time

The artist preferred by users of social media branded Mark Zuckerberg is the most enigmatic of contemporary authors: Banksy. To discuss art, culture and entertainment in general, users have also recurrently shared terms such as Eurovision and Frida Kahlo, Mar (Art Museum of the city of Ravenna) and Pagliacci (Opera di Leoncavallo). The journey, even in the era of Covid 19, was one of the hottest issues and an opportunity to share photos and videos even if the opportunities for travel have decreased. Staying within the Italian borders, the most talked about destinations are in no particular order Cesenatico, Monte Conero, the Amalfi Coast, the Aeolian Islands and Polignano a Mare. For abroad, however, the most explored and commented destinations were Corfu, Lisbon, Paris, Monte Carlo and Prague.

Sport and music, finally, two “catchphrases”

Olympic and European football games obviously sparked posts and comments while among the individual characters the most discussed names were those of José Mourinho, Leonardo Bonucci and Paulo Dybala. As for the most used songs in the stories on Facebook and in the reels on Instagram in 2021, they share the Cold Heart scepter by Elton John, Until they bury me by Blanco, MammaMia by Måneskin, La più Bella di Mecna and My Heart Goes (La Di From) by Becki Hill.

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