Home Health “From heroes to stopgaps, that’s enough now.” The anger of the staff of Internal Medicine, the lawyer also enters the scene

“From heroes to stopgaps, that’s enough now.” The anger of the staff of Internal Medicine, the lawyer also enters the scene

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SENIGALLIA – «From heroes to stopgaps». The outburst of the doctors of Internal Medicine called, together with others, to plug the shortage of staff al Emergency room. They will also present an exposition, which follows that of the labor unions of the past few days. For years, the emergency room has been operating in a constant shortage of medical staff, which for some months has been solved by ordering it from the other departments.

To stop the service orders, the doctors of the Internal Medicine department instructed the lawyer Corrado Canafoglia, of the National Consumers Union, to request a meeting with company management and politicians to present the problem and related solutions, but also to prepare a complaint addressed to the competent authorities. «The main objective of this action is to protect the quality of the services provided to the users of the emergency room and of the internal medicine department of the city hospital – explains the lawyer. – A chronic shortage of staff in an important department cannot be made up for by subtracting resources from others ». The lawyer Canafoglia continues by recalling that “the doctors of Internal Medicine are the ones who in the first, second and third waves of the pandemic all defined heroes for having fought together with the nursing staff against the virus, they are those who have faced grueling shifts and have not only concerned with Covid patients “. They are amazed at how in many years a solution for the staff of the emergency room has not been found.

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“The doctors of the Internal Medicine department, accustomed to working silently on behalf of users – concludes the lawyer – say enough is enough and believe that the time has come to tackle the problem of staff shortages in the emergency room, not intending to change from stopgap heroes ». The doctors of the Internal Medicine department in May sent an application in self-defense to the top management, representing the operational difficulties related to the staff shortages of the emergency room but, having not received a concrete answer, after six months they decided not to give up. If this last public request goes unheeded, doctors will be ready to take the judicial route.

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